• Emotional Exhale – Have the last few years left you feeling like you’re holding your breath? Maybe you have mountains of emotions stuffed away for the day you can finally take them out, process, and heal? I would love to tell you what has worked for me as I take the time to feel, learn, and grow through all of my experiences!

  • Diffusing 101 – Do you find yourself with headaches and constant coughs wondering why you can’t seem to just breathe freely? Do you need emotional support to work for you while you do other things? Imagine a one minute daily habit that could leave you clear, calm, and productive. Come learn the many benefits of diffusing with us!

  • Make A Shift – Do you want to make changes in your health? Energy, sleep, hormones, fitness, overall well-being? Do you feel overwhelmed with where to begin? Join us as we cover some simple first steps to making a shift each day toward the life you want to live!

  • Happy Hormones – Are you experiencing hormonal imbalances? Tired of crazy cycles, exhaustion, and mood fluctuation? Come learn ways we are using natural tools to create thriving health!

  • Cleansing 101 – Have you spent this winter sick over and over? Do you feel sluggish and bloated, store extra weight, and can’t seem to make progress with your skin and hormones? We can help! Find out how years of habits can be cleaned out for a fresh start and a new you!

  • Sweet Sleep – What if you could truly rest at night? What could that do for your health, your brain, your work, and your relationships? We’re bringing you our top tips for that sleep you’ve dreamed of so join us and get ready to snooze your way to the results you want in life!