Ningxia Red

If you haven’t tried Ningxia yet, you really should! This drink is not only super delicious, but also super good for you, and we have the science to back it up. We recently discovered through new data just how powerful this beverage truly is. Learn what makes this nutrient-rich drink one of Young Living’s most […]

Why I Give My Dog This Supplement

Here are a few reason why I give Sulferzyme to my dogs! Science lesson time! Deficiencies in biological sulfur can result in the less than optimal functioning of our cells, tissue and organs in our bodies. Inorganic sulfur is poorly assimilated. Organic, biologically active sulfur is therefore extremely important for the health of every living […]


As we welcome this New Year, I have been giving my business a lot of thought and attention. I am still the same rank I was 7 years ago. And sometimes that rank is sketchy. It’s not the business model that is at fault either. Forbes magazine has done articles on Direct Marketing and how […]

William White and the Gen X Train

If you are within a certain age group, and happen to be on TikTok, you have most likely heard of this phenomenon going through the internet the last couple of weeks. That phenomenon is a 21 year old boy/man named William White. His charming lip singing of oldies, the smile and charisma, and yes, that […]

Holiday Treats

It’s that time of year!  Winter time brings out the cozy aspects of the season and one of those is creating yummy treats!  At least in this house it is.  So yesterday I did just that! We love hot cocoa with melting marshmallows on top, however I am not a fan of all the ingredients […]

Freedom From Fear

There are things we tell ourselves.   That we are not good enough.  That we are not strong enough.   We are not pretty enough.   We just don’t have what it takes.   We all know those voices.  They creep in at some point in our lives and change who we are depending on […]

Waking Up In Winter

So tomorrow we have a cold front moving in.   Here in Austin, we are just finishing with our real feel 100+ degree weather and most everyone is excited about the front.  Everyone will break out their flannels and jeans and boots, and I will be one of them.   The cold front will last […]

Good Vibes Only

  I recently read this Forbes article. It is an interview with author and business leader, Mark Sanborn. He wrote a book called, “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader.” Which I plan on picking up! Part of this interview really spoke to me and I wanted to share what inspired me with […]

The Well Village

Definition of “community” for this purpose – • Self-organized network of people with common agenda, cause, or interest, who collaborate by sharing ideas, information, and other resources. Virtual communities consist of participants in online discussions on topics of mutual concern, or of those who frequent certain websites. A community usually has a family feel to […]

High School Marching Band

Friday night was the pinning ceremony for our daughter.  She is in her high school marching band as a clarinet player.  What a wonderful evening!   Hearing the music, and seeing the kids all doing so amazingly well is so good for the heart.  I firmly believe that kids in activities such as this really […]