As we welcome this New Year, I have been giving my business a lot of thought and attention. I am still the same rank I was 7 years ago. And sometimes that rank is sketchy. It’s not the business model that is at fault either. Forbes magazine has done articles on Direct Marketing and how positive it’s business model is. Many people are successful in this business, I actually know many of them. It’s not climbing on the backs of others as many would Iike to believe, nor is it a pyramid scheme. You have to work at it just like any other business. So what is it for me? I am pretty sure I figured out my WHY – I love being of service to others. I honestly do. It motivates me. So I am not stuck there. This business allows me to do that.

So the next question I am asking myself is, why am I stuck in the gap? We do it with so many things in our life too, not just business. Only looking at the desired outcome and not the progress.

Some examples of questions we ask ourselves when stuck in the gap:

• Why have I not lost all 20 lbs I was hoping to? (Not paying attention to the 10 lbs I did lose)
• Why am I not living the life I dreamed yet? (Forgetting to look at all the joy actually around me that I have found so far on the journey)
• Why do I keep falling back on old behaviors I know longer want to exhibit? (Not looking at the progress made and how much quicker I recognize that behavior now).
• Why am I not further along in my business? (Not looking at the wins already achieved)

It’s super easy to get stuck in mindsets. So what is my point? I asked myself why am I not progressing? If I take an honest look, my business has been part of my healing these last 7 years. I have progressed a ton and am truly grateful for the love and friendships resulting! Progress not Perfection is a huge motto for all other areas of my life. But my business shares are the specific issue, I was starting to get stuck in the gap of what progress looks like there. And I realized a fear recently that has kept me stuck in a sharing mindset for my business (my life fears would take a book to acknowledge, so am focusing on one at a time. LOL). I have been sharing to the wrong people.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have been sharing to the wrong people. I have been sharing to the friends and family I fear will not take me seriously. I have been sharing to the audience who just doesn’t care. I have been sharing to people who are not in my niche – I am not young with little kids anymore LOL. I have been sharing inauthentically at times because sometimes I have tried to be someone I am not. Why? Because others are obviously doing well with their photos and words – again, not my niche!

Why have I shared like this? Because deep down, an old fear was still brewing. I want you to like me. If I annoy you with my shares, you won’t like me (my old fear tells me this). I make up everyone’s mind around me before ever giving them a chance. And it’s all because of fear.

This is an awesome revelation for me. I have spent many years working hard to overcome things and my personal and spiritual growth amazes me every single day. So to uncover a fear I thought I had given up is truly AWESOME! Because now I know what I need to do.

I need to stop making up everyone’s mind for them. I need to stay consistent so I am not all over the place. I need to not worry how you all think of me because it’s none of my business anyway – plus I know I am alright LOL. And I need to let the same passion that pushes me personally and spiritually push me in this business.

My brother sells cars, and he does it well! He doesn’t worry if the buyer likes him or not. He wants them to be happy with their purchase and he speaks to their needs. Some buy, some don’t. He doesn’t become someone else every time a new customer walks in to look at BMW’s. He meets them where they are at and stays true to who he is. And no one mocks him or rolls their eyes because he sells cars (cars have been his passion since he was a little kid)! LOL. So why am I allowing an old fear to tell me that will happen to me because I sell oils? I am actually pretty passionate about them and the company! This company allows me to practice principles of living I will no longer ever compromise in my life. Practicing these principles in ALL my affairs is deep seeded in me.

So my conclusion is this, it’s ok if people don’t like me. I don’t need to be everything to everyone. As long as I am true to myself, I am good! I believe this in every other area of my life, so it’s about time I believe it in my business life too! So my prayer around this is to have this revelation influence my business shares. Always looking for the opportunity to be of service.

So what is holding you back? I promise I won’t judge. ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for coming to my TEDtalk. Lol. Happy New Year friends!

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