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I recently read this Forbes article. It is an interview with author and business leader, Mark Sanborn. He wrote a book called, “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader.” Which I plan on picking up! Part of this interview really spoke to me and I wanted to share what inspired me with you all.

August is traditionally been a super slow month in network marketing. Every August since I started as a network marketing leader, I have heard how much worse it is than previous years. And I bought into that way of thinking up until a couple years ago. Now, I would go out on a limb and say that’s absolutely false. When we are feeling uninspired, we tend to come from a negative perspective. This HAS to be the worse August ever! It’s the only explanation why my business isn’t growing, why my people are quiet, why I am failing!

But that’s not the truth. The truth is, after a full summer with everyone busy, and back to school stress hitting most families, we become disillusioned with a lot. We back up and back off. And we decide that our business must be going backwards. I have a little secret to tell you though, it’s not your business that is going backwards, it’s your thinking. It can all be turned around!

And all you have to do is change your perspective. Maybe sales are down, then it’s a great time to work on personal growth! Read your books, reach out to friends and those who inspire you with just something simple like “I am thinking about you and hoping you are having a great day!” Offer to fill in a gap in your group if you see it. Start making plans for your holidays. Reach out to someone you might have heard something inspiring from and ask them if they have a moment to chat. Don’t expect others to fix your situation, rather look to them to inspire you. Try something new. 😉. The magic in all this is when we stop looking at the negative and start focusing on positives, things really do turn around!! I know this from personal experience!

“In tough times you need both information and inspiration. Information is essential to understand what’s going on. Some say, “Don’t read the news. It’s only negative.” That is shortsighted advice. If there is news of an upcoming storm you need to know so you can prepare. Ignoring it won’t make the storm go away. We all need to face reality.

We also need to be inspired by focusing on what we can do to respond successfully. Neuroscience has shown that we aren’t just happy because we are successful, but we’re successful because we’re happy. Focusing more on the good than the bad, focusing on what we have rather than what we don’t have – these predispose us to doing better and achieving our goals.

I like to offer people hope, which I define as having something new to try and being willing to try it. There is no hopeless situation if you can find something different to try and you are willing to act on the idea. Keep searching for new solutions and don’t let lack of past success in dealing with a problem trick you into thinking there’s nothing you can do.” – Mark Sanborn…/20…/08/25/titles-dont-make-leaders/

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