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Thieves Essential Oil is an excellent blend of essential oils that is specifically designed to support the body’s natural defenses. This proprietary essential oil blend was universally tested for its cleansing abilities. It includes Eucalyptus radiata essential oil, which may help maintain a healthy respiratory system. Did you know that Thieves oil was developed based… Read More Thieves!

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Today I am excited to introduce guest blogger Matt Riemann, founder of ph360 and Shae, a new techology coming out this year that can help you make better health choices tailored to your personal needs and in real time. Matt is a personalized health expert and has addressed both the United Nations and the World… Read More Shae

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Review: AQUA Carpatica Naturally Sparkling Water

A recent article in The Atlantic pointed to the effects carbonated water has on tooth decay. As people started substituting sparkling water for soda, studies were being conducted on dental effects and it all boils down to pH. Acidity is measured on a pH scale. The lower the number, the more acidic the substance, and… Read More Review: AQUA Carpatica Naturally Sparkling Water

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Self Care Before Health Care

Okay….let’s get real. You see me talk about oils, the health benefits are astounding, really.  My local friends come to me with questions and we all know how obsessed I am with my hippie voodoo conconctions…so why not just dive right in? You know you want to. You won’t be alone….I will give you tons… Read More Self Care Before Health Care