And It Continues….

Notice that little word, “snow”?  Yep, looks like our usually snow-free environment is going to see some Winter white.  The girls are beyond excited!  Xi has already gotten out one of her favorite books “The Story of the Snow Children”  for us to read when the snow storm hits.  Fun!  Time for homemade hot cocoa!… Read More And It Continues….


Baby It’s Cold Out There!

 Current temp on front porch at 10:45 am with a windchill at about 8 degrees.  Forecast I know there are many in the North and East who are socked in with snow and crazy freezing temps, but here in Austin we are not used to it getting below the occasional 28 degrees in the Winter. … Read More Baby It’s Cold Out There!

One Small Change, weather

Oh The Cold

Need batteries for the camera so no pics today but will have some up later after picking up supplies.  With that said, it’s been cold here!  Now I know you all who live in the North are probably laughing at us Southern weaklings down here..hehe, but Austin is not used to these temperatures.  Last night… Read More Oh The Cold



So far we’ve had 8 inches since Thursday. My towering Esperanza’s are drooping from the weight of the water, I go out and shake them off every so often so they won’t break. The rain has perked up plants that seemed to be on their way out and is feeding the dry earth and hopefully… Read More Rain…


Want To See Something Really Ugly?

Our 10 day weather forcast….*sigh* click on it to get a better view, if you dare! Peace!