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I promised 2 months ago I’d start updating more and apparently I was telling tales!  I apologize for that.  Life has been so busy around here and the time is slipping past too quickly.  I’ve taken a step back in order to focus on other things but am ready to jump back in with both feet.  I think summer temps drag me down to be honest and de-motivate me.  However, we are experiencing some beautiful Fall weather and it’s time to dust off the cobwebs of this place and get back to business! 

The first order of the day, updating on the girls.  They are doing fabulous!  They both love school and are changing and growing everyday.  Saturday’s are devoted to soccer with the Farm Girl playing double headers sometimes.  She is advancing quickly with it all, as are all the girls on her team.  They are finally playing the way soccer should be played and I see their full hearts in it every game.  I’m so proud of these girls!  Xi is also playing again this year and is our scorer!  She has a determination in that little body that would make a grown man shake in his boots.  She doesn’t take gruff from anyone and has one clear focus, get the ball to the net.  Haha!  She absolutely adores the game and it’s so much fun to watch her confidence building as quickly as it is between that and school.  Proud parents on the farm!

I am finally feeling more motivated as I stated above, and so have been crafting more lately again.  I’ve picked up the knitting needles, dusted off the sewing machine and am plotting the holiday gift making.  I’m a bit behind, but that’s okay!  It always comes together in the end and that’s what is important.  I love that the girls have homemade gifts waiting for them on Christmas morning.  Things I notice that they treasure more.  Makes me proud to see them wanting to  make things for each other too.  Lola just finished knitting a baby washcloth for her teacher as well, who is due with her first baby in about 4 weeks.  I knit some baby hats and made a pocket doll to go with the basket of goodies the class will giving her next week.  I am very proud of Lola…she did a great job!

I am determined to get some long over due reviews up this week, so please look for those!  Thank you so much for not abandoning me in my absence as well.  Sometimes it’s good to step away and gain some perspective again. 

For now, here are some photos of the last few weeks and things we’ve made and been doing.  Hope you enjoy!

 New doll I made for Xi’s birthday…

 Pocket doll.  I LOVE making these and am going to put some up in my Etsy shop soon!

 Harry Potter and Dorothy joined us for the Great Goblin Glow this year!

 Harry practicing a spell on a nervous Dorothy!
 A very serious Harry Potter

 And a very sweet Dorothy.

 The Great Goblin Glow!

Some reusable bags for shopping the bulk bins.  I made these from an old sheet.  More to be made and embroidered….

Fabric Joy

Anna Maria Horner arrived today…okay, not the actual woman but some of her Folksy Flannel fabric did show up and I am singing the praises of her designs.  I cannot wait to dive into these stacks.  I ordered 2 fat quarter stacks that will be made into the girls’ new comforters, as well as 2 yards of 2 of the prints to be made into new pillowcases.  I’m in-love with it all!

Received this times 2. (Fat quarter stacks)
Darker is for Lola and lighter for Xi. (Pillowcases)

After seeing the tied quilts from Amanda over at SouleMama, and Nicole from Frontier Dreams, I knew I had to follow suit.  The patterns and colors are going to go perfectly with the color of paint we chose for the girls’ walls – a deep coral.  The flannel is so thick and soft that I cannot imagine these blankets being anything other than cozy.  I picked up batting made from recycled 2L bottles for each and the flannel for the backings from the local quilt shop that I have a feeling I’ll be spending alot of time in.  Just walking into the store is like a breath of fresh air.  It is a “green” store, so they take the environment very seriously and refuse to sell synthetics other than the recycled batting.  I love it!

I can hear my sewing machine working overtime this weekend! 

Do you have any crafty plans for the weekend?