An Interview With Candy Coburn


I am so excited to be introducing you to such a beautiful spirit and a great friend, Ms. Candy Coburn!  Candy is not only a bright light on a dark night, she is also an incredible songwriter and performer.  Just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Candy currently resides in Austin, TX  but was born and raised a southern girl from Kentucky- Southern Missouri and East Texas.  You hear the variations in her thick Southern accent.  You also hear the joy in her voice when she speaks.  We can sit down for a cup of coffee and have just as much fun as if she is on stage entertaining.  Hanging out with Candy is always fun.  There is no pretense, no super star ego – although she is in super star territory with her music.  Candy has shared the stage with such people as Montgomery Gentry, Blake Shelton, Bret Michaels, Brooks & Dunn, Zac Brown Band, Josh Turner, Marshall Tucker Band, Rodney Crowell, Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, Charlie Daniels Band, Pat Green, Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, just to name a few.  Yes, she is up there with the country superstars for sure!

She is currently working on a new album, “The Good Life”, and just started a Kickstarter campaign for production costs.  This album is all Candy and tells an incredible story about where she is in life right now.  She is truly living the Good Life.  She jumped at the chance to answer some of my questions for you all.  Introducing the wonderful Candy Coburn:


Tell us a little bit about your new album.

I am so excited to be doing a new studio album which will be my 5 th but it has been 4 years since I did the last one. “THE GOOD LIFE” Album is about raw, rockin, real, songs- poured out after some revelation and reinvention! Joy+Hope=this Redemption Jam! It will be out in late July for release most likely, but for Investors of my Kickstarter Campaign who go on and PRE-Buy the advance release album now at this link, they will get the album in June!

What inspired you to come up with the tone of this latest album and it’s title?

I have had a major DO-Over in my life in the past 2 years. My life is truly unrecognizable. After struggling with addiction, getting sober, focusing on my family, and finding my way back to a place God had intended me to be the entire time… I am living, breathing, proof that miracles DO happen! My die hard fans are saying I have finally found “MY Sound”.  I think this sound is more about feeling like I am really exactly where I am supposed to be. God laid it on my heart as a part of my new mission and purpose to get these real, soul rockin’ songs out there to others who might have had some struggles and those who may still suffer in silence. This IS the Good Life so that had to be the title because it was one of the first songs that flowed right out first!

What is your writing process? Do lyrics come first or the music? From a dream or experience?

I have a wild(unorganized) way of writing-I use a voice recorder on my Iphone-I have 100s of weird melodies on there that might have been taped at 3am when I heard it in my head literally waking up from a dream and leaned over in the dark and hummed it (quietly so I don’t wake up my hubby). I am a melody based writer-I always have a melody in my head and then write generally from that “hook”- I have a journal I keep my entire life in and ideas that are significant to me are really big and bold so I can flip back thru when I write and pull those amazing nuggets out of that beat up journal everyone makes fun of that I carry around me with all the time;) (Side note from me, Cat, I have seen this described journal, have watched her all of a sudden open it and write quickly….from what I have glanced at it when sitting next to Candy, this journal in and of itself looks like a work of art!)

Who are your musical influences or favorites?

I am asked this often and I know it would literally take me an hour to tell you all about my wide variety of influences I will put it this way.. My idea of a “boy band concert” was a gospel quartet, like the Cathedrals, Kingsmen.. in a tent revival when I was a little girl (my grandma didn’t allow any “rock” music growing up), I loved classics like Kenny Rogers, John Conlee, Eddie Rabbit, Alabama, Loretta Lynn to Glenn Miller Orchestra.. enter Middle school freedom and I fell in love with the Eagles, The Cars, The Cure(later), Violent Femmes… a list so long it would take all day—but top heroes in my life that I want to grow up to even attempt to try to be like..Patty Griffin, Bonnie Raitt, and I can go on and on….but I know you have to keep it short right?! ha!—Like I said, this is the most impossible short answer interview question in my career and influences.  🙂

Did you always see yourself as a musician?

Always knew this is what made my heart patter- I remember watching the awards on tv as a little kid and knowing I had something butterflies in my stomach—I would get so excited my hands would sweat. Ha!– now to call myself a “Musician” would require that I played a real instrument “really well”—so Nope, I still don’t call myself a “real” musician ha!

Where did you get your start?

My grandmother was a great singer-she is 91 and still sings on occasion with me at a gospel brunch over in Conroe where my dad lives. She taught me the love of singing and literally had me singing in church from age 3 I think!

What are some of your other interests?

I love to stay (what I say..) “strong not skinny”! I love to work out and get the natural endorphins to have energy and feel like I can still “pack my own gear” for gigs. 😉  I love to be outside fishing, and especially riding my Harley!! I love working with at-risk youth and do music with them—I have a small music project here in Austin working with some of our foster shelters and homeless youth. I love them AND am so excited that I belive we are going to be able to have them doing some back up vocals on a “fighter “ song called “WALK TALL” on the record!

Favorite movie and why?

Love the Godfather-if I had to take one trilogy with me, I think I can always seem to find something new in it-what a classic! Also LOVE Heart like a Wheel which was the Shirley Muldowney story of on of the first female race car drivers!

You are a mom. Tell us a little about your kids. Are they musicians as well?

LOVE being a mom-more than anything I have done in my life I say those 2 boys are the BEST thing I have and will ever do in my life. Insane how much we can truly love them like we could just squeeze them forever;) They are NOT musicians and have grown up around it and on a tour bus so they have “been there, done that”—ha—probably a blessing since this is not exactly the “easiest”career path…;)

What is a typical day for you?

Totally different every single day! I usually get my kids to school, do a quick work out and get into my office to do one of many hats I wear—write music, coach new artist, some days teach or speak for schools or colleges, lead worship music as a guest artist for some churches around the country, fly out to do shows out of state, play live in Austin, have rehearsals, do my Soulful Inspiration Music Project with the youth here in Austin- I am usually movin and grooving with a wacky schedule every day and then hustling to get my kiddos to ballgames and activities.

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for being so supportive and amazing to me Cat! I love your sunny spirit and the encouragement and inspiration you have given me!

How can my readers discover more about you and you work?

Website:  Candy Coburn

Facebook:  Official Candy Coburn

Twitter: @candycoburn

As Candy briefly mentioned above, she does far more than just music.  Candy has brought her gift to those who feel they are lost in the darkness, especially lost girls and boys.  Candy’s heart is huge and her energy contagious.  She is also an advocate for women who need an ally in life.  Reading her blog posts, you can actually hear her voice and laughter, and more importantly her love!  Candy is all about giving back…

Thank you so much my dear friend….for everything you do!

Don’t forget to check out Candy’s campaign and website!


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I promised 2 months ago I’d start updating more and apparently I was telling tales!  I apologize for that.  Life has been so busy around here and the time is slipping past too quickly.  I’ve taken a step back in order to focus on other things but am ready to jump back in with both feet.  I think summer temps drag me down to be honest and de-motivate me.  However, we are experiencing some beautiful Fall weather and it’s time to dust off the cobwebs of this place and get back to business! 

The first order of the day, updating on the girls.  They are doing fabulous!  They both love school and are changing and growing everyday.  Saturday’s are devoted to soccer with the Farm Girl playing double headers sometimes.  She is advancing quickly with it all, as are all the girls on her team.  They are finally playing the way soccer should be played and I see their full hearts in it every game.  I’m so proud of these girls!  Xi is also playing again this year and is our scorer!  She has a determination in that little body that would make a grown man shake in his boots.  She doesn’t take gruff from anyone and has one clear focus, get the ball to the net.  Haha!  She absolutely adores the game and it’s so much fun to watch her confidence building as quickly as it is between that and school.  Proud parents on the farm!

I am finally feeling more motivated as I stated above, and so have been crafting more lately again.  I’ve picked up the knitting needles, dusted off the sewing machine and am plotting the holiday gift making.  I’m a bit behind, but that’s okay!  It always comes together in the end and that’s what is important.  I love that the girls have homemade gifts waiting for them on Christmas morning.  Things I notice that they treasure more.  Makes me proud to see them wanting to  make things for each other too.  Lola just finished knitting a baby washcloth for her teacher as well, who is due with her first baby in about 4 weeks.  I knit some baby hats and made a pocket doll to go with the basket of goodies the class will giving her next week.  I am very proud of Lola…she did a great job!

I am determined to get some long over due reviews up this week, so please look for those!  Thank you so much for not abandoning me in my absence as well.  Sometimes it’s good to step away and gain some perspective again. 

For now, here are some photos of the last few weeks and things we’ve made and been doing.  Hope you enjoy!

 New doll I made for Xi’s birthday…

 Pocket doll.  I LOVE making these and am going to put some up in my Etsy shop soon!

 Harry Potter and Dorothy joined us for the Great Goblin Glow this year!

 Harry practicing a spell on a nervous Dorothy!
 A very serious Harry Potter

 And a very sweet Dorothy.

 The Great Goblin Glow!

Some reusable bags for shopping the bulk bins.  I made these from an old sheet.  More to be made and embroidered….

One Down, Three To Go

We finished one of the boxes for the raised beds we are working on. It was so hot out, all we had energy for was one but we’ll finish a second one later this week and then the other two in another couple weeks. I had been wanting raised beds for awhile, so this feels like a great start! You can see in the pictures how dry it is, and rocky. Nothing really grows in that area except maybe some persistant weeds, and even they have packed up and moved North. I will be able to put everything on drip irrigation in this area (front beds get it first though, thanks to my in-laws’ help!). I’ve always wanted a bed that I could dedicate to just starts, so one of the four beds will be for that purpose. The other three will house vegetables mainly, I’m sure I’ll tuck in a few flowers as well – for the pollinators of course.

We left some tall rebar to string for trellis’. We realized we should have left the corner rebar tall too in order to make a hoop house for the winter (I want to try to grow as year round as possible), so the other three boxes will have that feature. We used 8 foot long landscape timber and made the boxes 8′ x 4′. Plenty big but still easy to work with. I’ll lay the cardboard down early in the day and then we’ll start our layers. We are planning on doing this in the lasagna tradition, but also will bring in top soil so we can get started with our seeds next month.

The girls watched the progress while sitting in the shade with ice cold bottles of water. They’d last about 15 minutes a stretch and then have to go back inside. J looked at the temperature gauge on the back porch and it was registering 112 in the sun! So it was hot and really zapped alot of our energy. Swinging a sledge hammer in the heat takes alot out of a person! But we feel good getting this started and feel like we have finally begun the transformation of our backyard. We have quite a bit of land to overhaul back there for a regular neighborhood lot. We have lots of good, healthy oaks and then some landscaping was done by the previous owners, but not alot. We have big dreams that will take us a long time to make reality, but the first step is taken in the form of a garden box.

Hope your weekend is cool and everything you could have wanted for you and your family. Peace!

And so it begins:

The finished box…now for the dirt!