Gardening Photos On A Slow Sunday

First I want to give a shout out to my sister-in-law, Lelo in Nopo, for getting published in the new edition of Fine Gardening! Congrats my dear! Check out her blog.  She’s a Master Gardener in Portland and to be honest, her garden is one of my biggest inspirations.  She’s quite the talented artist and writer too!

Not much to report today. We did get alot of maintenance stuff done today despite the cold rain.  I’m shaking my fist at the Nutgrass Sedge that has been springing up all over…but I managed to get it under control in the front, at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  Loving the weather even while working in it though.  After our horrendous summer, the cooler weather is much appreciated around here.

So cheers for slow Sunday’s!  Here are some photos from the last couple weeks. Hope your weekend is everything you wanted it to be!


Gulf Fritillary caterpillar

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Nasturtiums

Potatoes, Broccoli, Lettuce and Pumpkins (Xi wanted to plant the pumpkins…I’m sure they won’t do much as it’s quite late in the season, but she’s an gardening experimenter like her mother!)

Scarlet Runner Bean Blossoms

Grean Pole Beans

Scarlet Runner Beans starting to run.

Green Pole Beans

Oh no you don’t!  This Tomato Horned Worm made a snack out of my one decent plant I’ve babied all summer.  Fortunately I caught it before it could take the plant down and so the chickens got a tasty treat between him and his brother I found 5 minutes later…hehe
Datura is blooming prolifically!  I love it…

Green Envy Zinnias still going strong, as are their cousins planted in the same bed.  A few of the plants are taller than Xi, not a huge feat as she’s pretty short, but pretty good for a flower!

Velvet Leaf Honeysuckle intermingling with Red Salvia and Purple Fountain Grass.  I love the textures.

Lovely Datura Blossom

August’s Picture This Photo Contest

This is my photo entry for Gardening Gone Wild‘s photo contest, August’s Picture This Photo Contest. This bee was oblivious to me being so up close and personal. It was covered in pollen and having a great time on this Black Eyed Susan so didn’t care who was close. I love capturing moments like this.


Oh You Lovely Plants

As promised, here are my new additions to the garden. I also took some pictures of my very wild veggie bed. Once we get the raised beds built, I think I’ll have a much neater version going on, but this one just seems to want to be a jungle! I’m still learning and it’s producing, so I won’t complain.

For your viewing pleasure…


The jungle of veggies:

Potatoes are growing:


Cucumbers growing up the bamboo:


Even in this heat, I have tomatoes still setting under the shade cloth, not alot but better than none!


Morning Glories winding their way up the shade structure:

Golden Jubilee Esperanza finally blooming!

My $14 birdbath:

New Pentas (I couldn’t resist when I saw the amount of butterflies on them at the nursery):

New Strawberry Field Gromphrena:

New Benary’s Giant Purple Zinnia:

I finally found my Butterfly Weed (Milkweed):

New Nicotiana Hummingbird Mix (this is a sad specimen and was on the 50% off table at the nursery, hopefully I can help it along):

New Coleus in the shade bed:

Also new in this bed, Hypoestes:

Part of the shade bed with about all the sun it ever gets, everything is doing well in this bed so far:

Oh boy…look what I got! A Dutchman’s Pipevine of my very own. After reading Meredith’s post over at Great Stems, I had to pick up one of these. There were only 5 left so I feel luck was on my side. It is a host plant for the Pipevine Swallowtail. There are a few eggs left on it and so I’m hoping to have little caterpillars soon. Crazy pipe shaped blossoms and gorgeous foliage. Now where to plant this beauty!

A Jade plant gifted to me from my mother-in-law:

New Sedum:

Repotted succulent collection (not all of them are here of course, but a nice assortment):

And with a big happy sigh, a hosed down, cleaned up patio:

And same with the front porch (both areas had become my “potting shed” so were quite the sight…now that planting is pretty much over for now, they can return to their original purpose):

New Plants and Some Rain

We got an inch and a half last night…nothing to sneeze at, although I’d love it to be more. But everything in the gardens loved it and seem to be smiling this morning. I went out early and got four new plants in the ground. I’m cutting it close on the new things I can plant, but they will fill in spaces nicely once established. Here are pictures of the new garden friends and one happy customer as a bonus!

Zinnia sprouts:

New Butterfly Bush:


White Bellflower:

New Black Eyed Susan next to smaller flowering cousin:

Rain! Glorious rain!:


An Ah Ha! Moment

Thanks to Gail over at Clay and Limestone, I found out the name of this delicate looking beauty in my garden, Commelina communis or Asiatic Dayflower. Please read her post on these interesting “weeds”. I don’t have the heart to yank the few I have out just yet, but apparently they can become quite a nuisance unless kept in check. The area they are in right now is actually a good spot if they want to do their thing for awhile. I’m just happy to have found the answer to what this mystery flower is!

This And That

Xi and her new-to-her “princess” dress:

Farm Girl L looking much older than her mere 6 years:

The first upside/down tomato is growing fast:

Call me crazy, but I’m trying my luck with trashcan potatoes. I got organic seed potatoes and even though it’s summer, I’m going to see what I can do with this method:

I have no idea what this sweet little flower is, but a few have popped up in my yard and I just love it:

Halloween pumpkins and radishes that will hopefully help ward off the borers:

Oh! The first cucumber of the season:

I never show pictures of the very back of the property because, well, there’s not much to show right now! But here it is, new fence and all. We have big plans for back here with terraced gardens (very bad dirt back here now…all caliche that won’t grow anything except weeds and sunflowers), maybe a lap pool someday, and a beer garden with our cobb oven. That is probably going to get started this summer if we are lucky. The rest will take time, lots and lots of time..and money..lots and lots of money…we have the time, not the money..haha! Someday! For now however the chickens and goats enjoy the massive amounts of sunflowers, weeds and dirt to forage, run in and just be in (and hopefully help amend some).

My first passion flower…how exciting!

And my pumpkin harvest! Before the borers completely anhiliated my volunteer pumpkins, I was able to get this modest harvest out of it. So exciting to me!

Our small succulent collection. My dear friend, Becky, has added much to this group and actually really got us started on a collection at all. We are now trying to figure out the perfect spot to put them into the ground. For now they look fun on the table out front though.

We got some rain earlier this week, so that saved on a big watering in the middle of the week. The plants sure do love the rain!! Everything is doing alright for now. We are putting up the extra shade cloth over the veggie bed tomorrow and I transplanted a few things from the front to back in that area. I also ordered some specialty pole beans for the structure and picked up a pack of regular pole beans as well. Those will go in the ground this afternoon if I get lucky.

So far we are staying pretty consistant in the low 90’s, but I know the hotter weather is just around the corner. I seriously am not complaining though after last summer’s death heat starting in May. And I’m learning alot more about watering efficiently and deeply. I can see the difference in my plants.

It’s all a learning process, but what a fun ride! Hopefully, 10 years from now I’ll start feeling less like a newbie gardener…hah! I’m loving the lessons though, and it’s so fun to see everything change from day to day.

Hope you are having a wonderful June 5th! Peace!

Some Garden Pictures

A few pictures of the garden. We lashed bamboo all day yesterday and built a sun shade structure for the veggies. Last year the Texas summer sun burnt everything up, so we are hoping to combat that a bit. Lots more mulch and a sun shade. We’ll see how it works out. We may need another shade cloth, I got 30% but I’m thinking it might not be enough. The good thing is, the hard work is already done.

Putting up that structure was a lot of work but also alot of fun. I love it when we have a project where we can all work together. The girls helped pick out bamboo and then were our “helpers” – holding tools to hand to us, holding bamboo poles, keeping Mongo away, and allowing us to enjoy their laughter while they were swinging. Around the base of some of the poles I planted Morning Glory and Trailing Nasturtiums seeds. I also got some Petunias, Zinnias and Cosmos in there to help attract beneficial insects as well. I want to make a Mason bee house, so will hopefully get to that this afternoon.

Out front we put up tiki torches with citronella to help combat our horrible mosquito problem. Living by the lake is great, but we also have to deal with these issues. I love the way the torches look at night in the garden, and now am inspired to plant more white blooming plants that will reflect the glow of the fire light.

A few weeks ago we were gifted by my in-laws with a trip to this wonderful ranch, Bamberger Ranch, out in Blanco County. I’ll put up a proper post devoted to just that ranch, but we had a wonderful time and that place is truly inspiring. Please go to their site and check out what they all do. Mr. Bamberger is quite the man! This was where I got my inspiration for the Mason bee houses, and where I also spent my birthday money on a birdhouse made by inner city school children. The children get to go to the ranch for free, and they make these houses to give back and help continue to fund the program, so I had no problem plopping my gift money down on one of these houses. And it’s paid off as we have our first resident already hard at work on her nest! Everything we read said not to be surprised if it took a good year before someone found the house and decided it was the perfect residence. So you can imagine how exciting it is to have a little mama loving her new home.

We’ve also officially started our upside down tomatoes again this year. Last year we did well with one of the plants, so are hoping to have a repeat success, as well as be successful with the rest of our plants. The tomatoes last year didn’t do so well with the heat. By this time last year we were well into 100 plus weather, so they didn’t really stand a chance. This year, we have tried to plant them strategically in both the front and back so they get good sun but also some relief from it all. Crossing my fingers they all work out!

On a side note, I did in fact plant Sugar Pie Pumpkins seeds and a Halloween Mix. Let’s see what happens!

So enjoy the photos (in no particular order) and remember to have a great day! Peace!!

Our newest member to the farm:

Tomatoes, peppers and potted mint:

Basil and bush beans:

Pumpkin blossom and friend:

I just love bamboo:

We got all this from a gal who was clearing it out of her yard. She put up an add on Craigslist and it was all free if we could haul it away. So we got a good van full of it.

Potted mint:


I spy with my little eye, something green (and hot! habanero baby!):

Hello little cucumber:

Oh, what do I see? My volunteer tomatoes are giving back already:

Cucumbers with peppers in the background:

More pumpkins!:

An overview from one angle:

And another:

Let the upside tomatoes begin!:

I love fire:


6th Photo

So Amber, over at The Nutrients of Life, has tagged me to play a little game. It goes like this:

“Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it. Write something about it. Then tag 6 more people to do the same.”

What fun! So here is mine. My darling little Xi from a year or so ago (my photos on this computer are more recent than the computer downstairs). She has the biggest eyes and was looking up at me with all her innocence. I had to snap a shot and it turned out to be one of my favorites!

Now for all of you:

Tag!! You’re it!! Peace!