Stonyfield YoBaby Happiness Plus GIVEAWAY!


Did you hear the news?!  *Stonyfield YoBaby is the #1 pediatrician recommended brand for 6 month to 2 year olds among refrigerated yogurts (IMS Health ProVoice Survey, 12/01/15 -02/29/16)!

Say what?!  That’s right!  The number 1 yogurt for your beautiful babes.    I have been using Stonyfield brand for years with my kids and now with my grandson.  He will be 2 in November and absolutely loves his yogurt snack time!  I wish I had a story to tell of how he wouldn’t eat a thing until Stonyfield, etc…but honestly, he is a good eater and has loved his yogurt since he started on solids!  I even use it in smoothies for him.  Plus, all Stonyfield yogurts are organic so I can feel good knowing they’re made without the use of toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones or GMOs.  YoBaby has been available for over 16 years and continues to get better and better.  That’s a generation of young people who got their start on Stonyfield YoBaby!  Several flavors are available including, Plain, Vanilla, Blueberry/Apple, Banana/Mango and Peach/Pear.  Emmet loves the Banana and Mango flavors!


The first time I tried YoBaby was with my youngest daughter.  I was so excited to find a yogurt that was formulated for her little system.  We were exclusively nursing when it became obvious she wanted to “eat” with us.  I wasn’t worried about fruits and veggies, but her older sister loved yogurt and Xiola seemed to want that as well.   I knew I didn’t want her having cow milk, so I did alot of research on giving her yogurt, mainly because I loved it and knew there are benefits to eating a good organic yogurt.  Thanks to the live, active cultures that break down the lactose and protein, it’s much easier for babies to digest.  YoBaby yogurt is naturally rich in calcium and fortified with vitamin D, two must-have nutrients for babies. And there’s no worry that yogurt would replace breast milk or formula in the diet.  For these reasons, pediatricians give yogurt the green light for babies beginning at six months.   That was good information!   Since we were practicing child led weaning, it was a huge plus that it wouldn’t replace her main source of nutrition at that time.  Both girls were nursed until they decided they were finished.  We didn’t introduce solids into their diet until they seemed to want it.  Our first daughter was a year old and Xiola was about 7 months.  We let the girls feed themselves to the best of their ability.  So yogurt time was also a time to explore the gooiness and sensations of the food itself.  Yogurt art on the high chair tray is common in our home today as well.  Ha!  With Xiola, her yogurt journey began at around 8 months of age and she is now almost 11.  And her love for it has only grown.  Now we make smoothies, popsicles…we use it in baking and on granola.  Pretty much any where we can add yogurt we do!  And it’s always Stonyfield.


Right now, Stonyfield wants to  help you get started with YoBaby by giving away a 3 months supply (coupns for Free yogurt will be sent)!  All you need to do is comment on this post about what your favorite yogurt flavor is and I will pick a winner through random drawing!  3 months of YoBaby Happiness!  They might even throw in some extra goodies, you never know!  So leave your comment and you may win a 3 months supply of the number 1 recommended yogurt for your youngster.  Deadline to enter is August 18th!   Good luck!

You can find Stonyfield products at most grocery stores.  The yogurt is also perfect to use in recipes subbing out higher fat ingredients…we use it everyday!  Hope you and your little ones enjoy!



*The claim was validated by AlphaImpactRx, a provider of primary research-based insights, analytics and solutions. Using the ProVoice survey methodology, AlphalmpacRx fielded to 736 U.S. pediatricians from 12/01/15 to 02/29/16, recording recommendations and validating the claim. For details about AlphaImpactRx please go to .  For details about ProVoice, please go to .

To Stonyfield’s knowledge, Stonyfield YoBaby yogurt is the only one currently making the claim in the U.S. that it is the #1 Pediatrician Recommended refrigerated yogurt for babies between 6 months to 2 years.  It is anticipated that the new YoBaby yogurt packaging bearing the claim will be on the shelves in or about September 2016, but consumers may see a mix of packaging on the shelf for a brief period of time.  Stonyfield has not had a similar survey or claim validation conducted for YoKids or YoTot products. Stonyfield is not making the above claim with regard to YoKids or YoTot.

**The opinions and thoughts contained in this post are 100% mine. I only ever work with companies I support and think you, my readers, will like. Please read my full review and endorsement policy here.

AdoramaPix Offer!


#ad AdoramaPix helps people turn their digital photographs from abstract computer files into beautiful keepsakes designed to last a lifetime. Their contemporary metal prints capture memories in rich color and vibrant detail. Because your images are infused right into the metal, and not painted on the surface, their metal prints are extremely durable. Not only will your metal image be water and weather proof, but scratch resistant as well. You can even clean it with glass cleaner. Your memories deserve to live in true, archival luxury with AdoramaPix metal prints.

You can find all the fun gift ideas HERE:

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And The Gift Certificate Goes To….

Lucky number 7!

“weliveintheforest said…
I love the baby spoons.” 
Congratulations!!  I will be emailing you today and Lisa will send you the info on claiming your $25 Gift Certificate.
Thanks to everyone who played along!  I hope your weekends are full of love, hope and happiness!  

Lisa Leonard Giveaway and Review

Earlier this year, I was so surprised and honored to be the recipient of a gorgeous Lisa Leonard Mama Necklace.  I had never won anything before, so this was huge!  It has not left my neck since the moment it arrived.  I absolutely love it and get compliments on it all the time.  The quality is amazing.  It’s heavier than it looks and with a super strong silver chain, it’s stands up to alot!  Even swimming in the lake.

Lisa’s designs are so unique and absolutely stunning.  I’ve seen them worn singly and in multiples, either way they are a conversation piece.

“Our handmade jewelry is meaningful, unique and perfect for everyday. Each piece is hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished sterling silver.”

Not only is Lisa’s jewelery stunning, but she is also such a wonderful person.  Very generous and quite talented.  To get to know her better, you need to check out her blog.  And once you’ve read about her and her family, head over to the shop!

And, if you happen to be as lucky as I am, while you are at the shop you will be able to use your $25 G.C. that Lisa is so generously offering to one of my lucky readers in either Canada or the U.S..  Just enter a comment telling me which of the pieces you would love to have from Lisa’s store.  If you are a follower of my blog, or become a new follower of AmLo Farms, enter a second separate comment letting me know for a second entry.  I will close all comments on Thursday, September 16th at 11:59 PM CDT.  The winner will be announced on Friday!

Good luck, and I hope whoever wins enjoys their new Lisa Leonard design as much as I enjoy mine!


Blooming Pregnancy Spa and Imaging Center

Central Texas women now can enjoy a relaxing pregnancy massage and have the option to bond with their baby before seeing them in the delivery room.  Blooming Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center is opening in August 2010 in Southwest Austin at 5601 Brodie Lane in the Sunset Valley Village shopping center. Owned and operated by prenatal massage specialist Patti Justice, Blooming Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center is a full service pregnancy spa and ultrasound imaging center.

I was very surprised to be contacted by Patti’s team and asked if I would be interested in doing a write-up about this new business.  I was thrilled and on Monday I had the extreme pleasure of speaking with Patti Justice about her new clinic.


After a number of years in massage therapy, Patti was practicing several massage techniques and had the occasional pregnant client.  She found herself connecting strongly with these mamas and they’d all keep coming back.  Patti kept hearing how hard it was for these women to find other therapists to take them and she realized this was a much needed niche and something that she began to feel very important about.  She had a natural gift.  At this point in her life, she had already begun to feel that she had gone about as far as she could go in terms of clients, techniques, etc. in traditional massage and was going to have to make a change.   She saw two options; go back to school and do something totally different, or just go big and start a clinic of her own.  As she researched opening her own space, it became clear from the start that it was alot to take in and she almost gave up and had pretty much decided to just go back to school to be a ultrasound technician.  Except, everytime she started to move in this direction, pregnancy massage kept popping up in her research and while she thought she was being guided to go back to school everything kept coming back to combining the two.  The idea of opening a clinic was starting to become more prevalent in her mind.  She found that clinics such as these were beginning to pop up all over the country.  This was in fact a much needed service.   She contacted a clinic in Ohio whose director was graciously willing to help Patti draft a business plan, and who continues as a consultant and guide with Blooming Pregnancy Spa.  As soon as she began to research the Austin market she knew she had found the right idea for this community.   At this point she was divorced, never owned a business before and was up against alot of odds.  But things kept moving forward and one of her biggest obstacles, finances, all came together once the vision was clear.  Through the beauty of family and their amazing sacrifices and help, the clinic is privately funded and had found it’s footing. 

Patti definitely had times where she felt like the under dog and everyone told her this wasn’t going happen, it was too risky, etc..  So it is still very surreal for her to have opened the doors and be so warmly welcomed.


One of the most obvious benefits to pregnancy massage is the physical aspect…bones are moving, hips are spreading, it can be a very uncomfortable time especially as you get into the third trimester.  Blooming Spa uses a special pillow developed just for pregnant women in a side lying position,  which helps align the mom and helps her feel supported so the tension can leave those muscles while she is getting her massage.  It has been described by some as a feeling of floating and most say, total relaxation.  

The emotional aspect is equally as important.  Massage helps decrease stresses and balance hormonal flucuations.   It also helps the mama to be feel nurtured and cared for, which is just as important as taking care of her physical well being.


Patti has gone the extra mile by taking care and only using all natural products – Mamma Mia and Naturopathica.  No toxic chemical or synthetic products are ever used, even the nail polish is vegan.


Patti would love to start a network and a referal list for local midwives.  They also have a huge multi purpose classroom and would love to have educators come in to facilitated classes, turning it into a community type of education center.  Patti’s vision includes yoga classes, fertility classes, postpartum depression support groups, the list goes on and on.  She plans on reaching out to the Central Texas Birth Network as well.

One aspect of fertility she feels strongly about is preconception issues, especially for women choosing to wait until past the age of 35 to conceive.  They already have a pre-conception massage protocol in place to help women conceive naturally and plan on expanding into acupuncture as well.   Patti feels strongly about educating women in natural techniques to heal their bodies prior to conception and even beyond birth.

Ultimately, Patti would like the center to be known as a place to empower women before, during and after becoming moms.  In her words, “Women supporting women.  Girl Power!”


The Imaging aspect of the center is not without controversy.  However, Patti feels strongly that if used appropriately it is perfectly safe and can even help women bond with their babies before birth.   It can also be tremendously reassuring to moms who have had experienced one or more miscarriages.  The hormones released through constant stress can be extremely detrimental to the development of the baby.  So it can be more than calming to see your baby growing and developing into a healthy little human.   Patti also feels that it is one of those things that can add to the whole experience of being pregnant.  But even if women don’t want the imaging service, the spa is always available for not only massage but facials, manicures, pedicures and skin care.

The Blooming Pregnancy Spa and Imaging Center will be celebrating their Grand Opening this Saturday, August 28 from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Enjoy prenatal yoga sessions with Jess G. at 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. (pre-register at to reserve your space). Plus car seat safety tips from Safe Kids Austin, baby photo tips from Amber Snow Photography, and a pregnancy pickles and ice cream social at noon. Door prizes include items from Picket Fences, Amber Snow Photography, Blooming Pregnancy Spa & Imaging Center, and more. For contact information, click here.

I hope you all come out to support this amazing new woman owned business here in Austin.  I felt a strong connection to Patti during our conversation and how much passion she has for the service she is providing.  With all our support, we can help shape this into the community space that many moms here can utilize and create an environment where we can connect with each other.  Where we can be okay and find the support we need that is unique to all us mothers.  We become moms with so many beautiful and wonderful thoughts and fantasies about how life will be, only to be shown the harsh reality and frustrations that go hand in hand with it all.  And while there are more beautiful parts than not, no one is allowed to talk about how hard it is.  Wouldn’t it be great to just have a place where it’s okay to just be human and to say, I need this for me?  As moms, we tend to put ourselves last and feel selfish if we do any differently.  But we also need to realize that it’s okay to take care of us too.  That is is important so that we can continue to be healthy for our babes in both mind and body.  Patti is providing the space, all we need to do is show up.

And as a bonus, Patti is giving away a year’s Spa Membership to one of my lucky readers.  You can find out all the details on the membership here.  It is valued at $99 and would be a wonderful gift for yourself or some other mama you might know.  To enter, just leave a comment.  I will pick the lucky winner by random number generator on Sunday, August 29th.  Comments will close Saturday at 11:59PM CDT. 

Good luck mamas…and a special good luck to Patti!  I look forward to visiting the spa just as a mom and to continuing to support the community it is building.


And The Ecover Cleaner Goes To….

“Anonymous said…I`m making a transition to natural items in my house & would love to try this out! Jessica Gore-Bynum”

Congratulations Jessica!  I will be emailing right away.  Hope you love the cleaner!

Thanks to everyone for their comments and for entering.  Look for more fun reviews and giveaways, plus a special one for Austin locals! 


Ecover Review and Giveaway

Ecover was kind enough to send me a bottle of their All Purpose Cleaner to try out and review.  I loved it!  It is completely safe to use, non-toxic, biodegradable, safe for septics, and all that other good stuff.  A capful goes a long way too.  It has a yummy lemony scent that makes my house smell like a citrus farm…I love it!  The girls love cleaning things, and I felt safe with letting them use this product.  Usually I mix up a vinegar and water solution for them, but they enjoyed feeling like grown-ups while cleaning with “real cleaner” as my oldest puts it.  Haha!

From the company’s site:

Personal benefits:
  • effective cleaning with the power of nature
  • safe for all washable surfaces
  • fresh fragrance from plant based ingredients

Environmental benefits:

  • plant based ingredients
  • quick and complete biodegradability
  • minimum impact on aquatic life
  • no animal testing
  • safe for septic tank

As an added bonus, Ecover would like to giveaway a full size bottle of their cleaner to one of my readers! All you have to do is enter a comment below. If you are a follower, enter a second comment for a second entry. Comments will close on Sunday 11:59 PM CDT and the winner will be announced Monday morning. Good luck to everyone!

Peace and happy cleaning!!

And The EcoUsable Bottle Goes To….

karl said… We’d like to enter too. There are six of us and only two bottles.


Congratulations Karl!  I will be in touch and get your mailing information.  I’m so excited for you and know you will love using EcoUsable.  Everyone else needs to go check out Karl’s blog and read about his and Tabitha’s world.  They are truly inspiring!
Thank you to everyone for entering.  It was fun!  Look for an Ecover Giveaway soon.   I am using their cleaner now for a review, so will let you all know soon!
Now back to our regularly scheduled programming here at AmLo Farms..Peace!

EcoUsable Review and Giveaway

I have had the privilege of being asked to review an amazing water bottle line, EcoUsable.  If you are anything like me, the whole plastic thing and BPA can drive one mad when stressing over it.  I had yet to find a water bottle that I felt 100% comfortable with until now.  EcoUsable is a great water bottle that comes in many different colors, sizes and with several different features.  In their own words:

EcoUsable provides consumers with affordable planet-friendly, reusable products that are recyclable, health conscious and designed to improve the lives of people worldwide.  EcoUsable pioneered the world’s first stainless filtered water bottle, the ECH20, which includes its own portable filtration system and provides instantly filtered water from almost any fresh water source.  It removes harmful contaminants as you drink through the flip top straw.

EcoUsable stainless steel water bottles are:
    •    Available in an assortment of graphic prints and solid colors.
    •    Made from 304 food grade stainless steel (18/8).
    •    BPA free and Aluminum free.
    •    Non-leaching and liner free.  Since our bottles are stainless steel we don’t have to line them like aluminum bottles.  The consumer doesn’t have to worry about scratching the liner, which could potentially leach aluminum into their water.
    •    100% recyclable.
    •    Half turn loop top; fewer threads mean less chance of bacterial growth.  (Most other bottles require 3-8 turns to open.)
    •    Easy to clean and fits ice cubes.
    •    Exclusive skid-proof mat bottom.

They sent a generous amount of bottles with different tops to try out along with colorful grips called Water Wrapz that fit around every size bottle sent.  The girls immediately latched on to the purple 16 oz. size each and added the sport top lid.  They have been by their side everyday since.  The grips are super cute too, making for individualized bottles.  Along with the 16 oz. sizes, we were sent an 25 oz. ECH20 Filtered Water Bottle which works great!  I put regular tap water in and noticed a huge difference in taste.  The additional carrying strap makes it great when working out in the garden too, I always have my water at my side. Notably, with the 2009 Launch of their “ECH2O” filtered water bottles, it immediately caused quite the stir in the industry as EcoUsable founder (Joey Mendelsohn) was awarded “The 2009 Manhattan Beach Environmental Entrepreneur of The Year Award”.  This is a company that has grown successfully while still keeping their focus intact.   

As an added bonus, EcoUsable is offering a 10% off coupon code for all AmLo Farms viewers, friends and family when they purchase directly from their website.
  • Use coupon code ECO10 when purchasing.
 Finally, the fun part.  To get your very own 16 oz. EcoUsable Bottle in purple, along with an added Sport Top Lid, just leave a comment here.  If you become a follower, or are already one, leave a separate comment for 2 entries. Comments will close on Monday, August 1 at 11:59 PM CDT.  I will announce the winner through the random number generator the next day.  

Good luck and cheers!


And The Winner Is…

Using the True Random Generator over at, the lucky winner of our very first giveaway is:

Trish said:
aI’ve never heard of HMM before, but it looks awesome! Right up my alley 🙂
Congratulations Trish!  (I am having trouble finding your email address on your web page, please contact me so I can get your information to Suzy.)  You will LOVE whatever you find over at Hip Mountain Mama, have fun shopping!  
And a huge thank you to Suzy and her family for this awesome giveaway and allowing me to spread the word about her wonderful store and life!
Looking forward to offering more giveaways in the future.  Thanks to all of you who participated…