Garden Pictures

The warm weather has really stimulated some new growth.  Lots of things are coming back, yay!!  My seeds are not sprouting yet though, I’ve moved the flats to a spot that gets sun almost all day, so hopefully that will help.  I have a feeling I may be buying tomato starts this year though…we’ll see. … Read More Garden Pictures


Thank You Tom!

A huge thank you to my dear friend Tom over at Seventh Street Cottage.  Last week a huge box full of plant goodness arrived and I couldn’t be more delighted, or surprised at the amount he packed in there.  Brugmansia rootings, Pineapple Sage rootings, and so many seeds that with what I’ve collected and already… Read More Thank You Tom!

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Catching Up…Or, The Many Sites of AmLo Farms

Yes, it’s been eons and I do apologize…but I have a good excuse – life!  Yes folks, the holidays are upon us and life is taking on a whole new meaning around the farm.  So many preparations and events.  The girls are giddy with holiday surprises and plans.  We got to go to our first… Read More Catching Up…Or, The Many Sites of AmLo Farms

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A Little of This, A Little of That and A Whole Lot of Busy!

I have not abandoned you all, just been on the go for the last couple weeks.  We had a wonderful visit with my darling sister and her family.  My nephew hung with us for the weekend while sis and bro-in-law went to a wedding about 4 hours away.  Mom came up and we had a… Read More A Little of This, A Little of That and A Whole Lot of Busy!


A Gardening Post!

This weather has been fantastic!  Temps in the mid 70’s by day and 50’s at night.  After all the rain we finally had a couple weeks ago, and with cooler temps, the plants all came alive.  I can’t believe the growth, although it’s starting to slow with the cooler nights, but everything is thriving so… Read More A Gardening Post!

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Gardening Photos On A Slow Sunday

First I want to give a shout out to my sister-in-law, Lelo in Nopo, for getting published in the new edition of Fine Gardening! Congrats my dear! Check out her blog.  She’s a Master Gardener in Portland and to be honest, her garden is one of my biggest inspirations.  She’s quite the talented artist and… Read More Gardening Photos On A Slow Sunday

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Busy Times

It’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks to say the least. With the party last week and then commitments this week, I don’t know if I’ve even had time to breath! Hah! The girls are doing great though and have been enjoying alot of fun with cousins (my sister was in town), friends and summertime fun.… Read More Busy Times

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The Beginning of the New Back 40

Last month I mentioned how we want to landscape the back of our property and some of the ideas we have for it. We have tried to do things with it in the past and nothing really did well down there. We amended the soil, but not enough and have a caliche rock shelf that… Read More The Beginning of the New Back 40

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We did it. We got the drip irrigation completed today and I am so happy! We even put little misters to water the grass paths. We calculated that with everything we are using between 180 to 190 gallons of water per hour, much much less than even hand watering. And with everything going directly to… Read More Finished!

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Halfway There

As the temperatures are rising, we have called it a day on our outdoor project of installing drip irrigation in the front. My father-in-law came down and spent the day helping us design and install our new system. I mentioned before how he’d brought several bags of equipment last week. Well today he brought even… Read More Halfway There