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Monkey Mat

The *NEW* Quilted Monkey Mat is your cushy, portable mat for in/outdoor use that can go everywhere! Luxurious yet affordable and with lots of fun features, you can enjoy the waterproof base, central loops for attaching items, spill resistant top, weighted corners, loops for stakes, and the attached ultra-compact pouch to take everywhere! Perfect for… Read More Monkey Mat

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Garden Happenings

Getting back to the garden after an extended hiatus where we let things go wild.  Several pretty blooms, and I am excited about our tomato beds.  We got the idea from DIY wicking beds using pvc, gravel, container, etc..  Google it, there are so many variations that use supplies you probably already have!  Tomatoes prefer… Read More Garden Happenings


Mouth Watering

Three of the tomato plants are already producing!  Noticed several teeny toms yesterday while out in the front beds.  I can hardly wait.  I never liked tomatoes until I started growing my own.  Now I crave them when the season is over.  Funny how homegrown, organic goodness can turn the taste buds around…. I also… Read More Mouth Watering



So today I got the Spring garden started.  My seeds are in soil, hopefully to germinate and grow strong over the next few weeks before braving the outdoors.  It has been my experience here that if I start my Spring beds in January, I have a much more productive crop.  I use alot of mulch… Read More Veggies…


Tropical Colors and Smells

As the heat, and humidity, rages on there are a couple plants in my front garden that are completely satisfied with it all.  It’s giving the yard a tropical feel, giving us a little bit of being back in the islands.  Ginger.  I don’t know what kind but it was a gift to Jason and… Read More Tropical Colors and Smells

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The Love of Succulents

I have found a true love for succulents and sedums.  I have my darling J and my friend Becky to thank for it.  I never really saw the beauty in the sometimes spikey, messy, unusual features of some of these plants until I really looked.  Now I just think they are the most interesting creatures! … Read More The Love of Succulents

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Things are starting to really come on now…the only reason I have any green beans in the basket is because the girls were out of town for a few days.  Normally I find them out there eating right out of the garden.  And I don’t mind that a bit!!  Happy harvesting!  Peace!


Yes, We Still Do Garden

We do still garden, quite a bit actually.  Our veggie plot is going crazy right now…everything is quite happy at the moment. Now we just need to mow…oh boy do we need to mow. Some photos from my phone today: View from front door So many tomatoes! Tomato jungle. Volunteer…pumpkin? Big soccer tournament this weekend…hope… Read More Yes, We Still Do Garden


Some Garden Photos…Finally!

Just a few photos from last week.  The gardens are growing like crazy right now.  We are into May, and that means the heat is coming on.  So far the plants are loving it as the nights are still nice.  Soon we’ll be into Summer weather however and the Spring blossoms will fade and make… Read More Some Garden Photos…Finally!

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Do You Ever Feel Like It Never Ends?

The laundry…the dishes…the cleaning…the cooking…you get the picture.  Hah!  Today I have so much to do and it just seems like the days are way too short to get everything done.  Somedays, all I want to do is sit and knit.  In my defense for whining right now, I do take care of extra kids… Read More Do You Ever Feel Like It Never Ends?