Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – August 2009

Thanks to Carol over at May Dream Gardens for starting this tradition. You really should take a peek at her blog and check out everyone’s gardens while you are there!

I’m a day late I know, but I was just super busy yesterday and didn’t get out there to get pictures (the quality of today’s I must apologize for too, my camera was running low on batteries and I only had so much juice left so took them quickly). The day started at The Natural Gardener where I met up with Meredith of Great Stems and Caroline of The Shovel Ready Garden. First time meeting in person and I have to say it was so nice. These two gals really are as wonderful as they sound in their blogs and we had a great time hanging out amongst the plants! We were taking the organic vegetable gardening class that was being offered, so it was fun to meet up in person! Alot of what was discussed I was aware of, however I did learn a few things in regards to soil preparation, so it was worth it. For taking the class, we were all given a coupon good for that day – 10% off entire purchase! Plus there was a sale going on, all plants are 30% off right now and most everything else is on sale for 10 – 20% off as well! This sale is going on through the 20th, so if you are local head on down and pick up some things for your garden! I got a couple Rock Rose Plants, some Verbena (the girls picked these out), a Coral Salvia, and my new obsession – a purple Datura that is just about to bloom! Oh yes, very exciting indeed! The girls love hanging out there, so while I was in class they ran around with J checking everything out. We were there all morning then went to lunch and came home to get a few things done around here before going down to our neighbor’s whose house J designed. They were pouring the slab, so it was a big deal. The girls and I came up after awhile and crashed. We were tired! Today we all feel the need to be a bit more lazy, so after getting the new plants potted and in the ground the girls have opted for a movie, J is on the computer downstairs and here I am. I do have housework to do so I’ll be ready for the week, but not a ton and it can wait. Sometimes it is nice to just sit and breath…

On to the blooms. I am a day late but here we go!

Pride of Barbados:

Esperanza (my yellow flowering one isn’t blooming at all, the plant is growing super tall and strong though so not sure what the deal is right now):


A single Turk’s Cap:


Zinnias going strong:

Datura. These are double blooms too!:

More Zinnia:


Petunias going strong:

One of the new Rock Roses. This one was tagged as a Mexican Rock Rose. Meredith at Great Stems wrote a good post on her Rock Roses, so when I saw these I had to get them:

My first Morning Glory! Yay!

The new Coral Nimph Salvia:


Can’t Beat This!

Happy kids!! A is our friend who comes to play everyday and X is, well my little baby who is growing too fast. They were very happy this morning and I just couldn’t help but snap a shot!


Speaking of A, her family owns the most awesome coffee shop here in Austin by the lake. The Java Dive is an organic coffee shop that serves up alot more than just coffee. They have full breakfast and lunch specials, the most amazing pastry case I think I’ve ever seen (oh the glory of an organic chocolate confection!), an organic market section that is much needed out here, gluten free food, homemade ice cream and bulk fair trade coffee beans plus a whole lot more! Totally family friendly with activities for the kids all ready to go. My little X LOVES the new train table. Hah! Sounds like a plug huh? That’s because I truly believe in this place and what they are trying to provide for the community. I love Roni and Romy so much and their little A has become another one of my own. I encourage anyone in town already and those of you who will be visiting to give the place a try because you won’t be sorry!

And lastly, I’d like to thank my poultry friends for the generous offerings I’ve been receiving lately. We’ve been averaging about 9 eggs a day with some days seeing a full dozen or more! Thank you ladies!


An Award!

I was given the Lemonade Award by my dear friend Nicole over at Frontier Dreams. It’s my first award and very exciting for me. Thank you so much Ni for the beautiful words and the recognition. I love ya girl!

The Lemonade Award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude and now it’s my turn to pass it to ten other blogs.

And here are my nominations,in no particular order:

-Marina at A Small Tribe – Marina is such a source of inspiration for me. She’s beyond generous and such an amazing soul. I just love her and am so grateful for the friendship that has been blossoming between us. A “Lost” buddy with Nicole, and also my friend.

– Michelle at You Just Gotta Keep Knittin’ – Not only has this woman been one of my best friends for over 3 years now, but she’s been my cheerleading section, a shoulder for me, a rock in my life and is one of the most gifted people I know. I am constantly amazed by her talents and how huge her heart is.

– Amber at Planet Silas and The Knit Book – Introduced to me by Michelle, this woman is an amazing knitter and beautiful mama. She also has a heart of gold!

-Amber at The Nutrients of Life – One of the down-under mama blogs I read and who has always been so kind with her words on mine. Her husband is an amazing photographer and she’s a beautiful young mama raising 2 of the most gorgeous little kids. I love her words, always full of love.

-Jodi at Che and Fidel – What a wonderful blog about this Australian moms adventures with her little man. He is just so gorgeous and her photos are so dreamy. She is also a very talented writer as well as just beautiful both inside and out.

-Carol at High Heel Happy – Not only is this dear, wonderful, beautiful, talented and amazing woman my sister, but she’s also my friend. Such a joy to my world!

-Amanda at Off The Hook – Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how much this woman has helped me with her words and consistency. She is always there for me and her adventures in knitting and her world are truly worth reading.

-Amanda at Soule Mama – If you haven’t read her blog, and I don’t know too many who haven’t, you really need to! Not only are the photos amazing, but her words are really inspiring. I have her book too and it’s really great! So much creativity and inspiration!

Jumble Berry Jam – I love her sense of humor and reading about her journey in life.

-Megan at The Byron Life – Another mama from Australia. I just love reading about her world and the creativity she exposes her readers to. Her children are just as talented.

The rules of this award for recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Please take some time to check out all the wonderful blogs. They are all worth every moment! Peace!!

Michelle’s Giveaway

My dear dear friend is having a birthday…and for her birthday she is actually giving someone else a gift through a wonderful give-away! Just go to her blog, You Just Gotta Keep Knittin’ and check out the details. Jewelry, yarn, pattern…it’s a good one people!! And while you are there, check out the rest of her musings.

Happy Birthday my dear dear friend!

I’ll have an updated post about the farm soon…been busy busy busy…but thinking about you all! 🙂


The Sun Egg

The Sun Egg: We’ve been wanting this book for quite awhile now. The synopsis of this story is:

“A large orange egg has fallen into the wood. “It’s a sun egg!” declares the elf. Soon, she and her friends find out what it really is; but not before the sun egg is lost and the elf begins one of the best adventures she has ever had. This is one of Elsa Beskow’s delightful picture books for children that have been known and loved for almost a century.”

As we move further into our Waldorf adventures, we are finding more and more books that we are longing for. Simple, wonderful stories to entice my girls’ imaginations. This particular book has been a wish for my little Xi.

Well, today, another MDC mama let me know that Xiola will be receiving this book for Christmas. I am, once again completely floored by the generosity of people. We have been so completely blessed by people this holiday. It is amazing the generous spirits that are out there. I have to say a huge thank you to the Kirby family as well. They sent books for the girls and a gift card for Jason. Again, just out of the kindness of their hearts. So thank you so much Kirby family!

And Marina, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This little surprise will be well loved. Everyone else, go check out her wonderful adventures at her home away from home, A Small Tribe. She has a gorgeous home, gorgeous kids and a beautiful heart. Thanks again Marina…


Mothering Dot Com

I belong to a couple online mom groups, one is a private forum full of dear dear friends who all had babies the same time I had Xi. The other is a much larger forum called Mothering Dot Com. This forum is made of of parents from all over the world really. All discussing their needs and sharing their experiences in natural parenting. I, like so many other parents, have found endless support, ideas, confirmation, suggestions, etc. on this forum and even met one of my dear friends there, Romy, along with the previous forum of women I mentioned.

One aspect of this forum that I never knew was possible anywhere on an anonymous board like this, or even in such a large group period, is the selfless acts of generosity I’ve seen exhibited. Everyone knows that Jason lost his job in August and while he’s picked up projects here and there, it’s been a major struggle with nothing extra to hold onto money wise. We are making our house payments, utilities and car, but that is really all we can do right now. I’m making the girls’ their holiday gifts this year, which even when we are on our feet again is a tradition we will be keeping. But we couldn’t buy a gift for them even if we wanted to. Last month I sent in a money order for our car insurance payment. A week ago I found out they never received it and were canceling our insurance if we didn’t pay both November AND December’s payments together by 11PM today. We just don’t have that extra money to pay twice with so were in a mode of panic. Our car is financed, so if we don’t have full coverage then we are defaulting on our loan and they could take the car if they wanted to.

With nowhere to turn, I got on the forum at MDC and asked the ladies in the Holiday Helpers thread what I should do. Alot of them know of organizations that can help. The organizer of the thread told me to let her see what she could do and in less than 12 hours they’d raised enough money from other members to pay that missing November payment for us! I was floored and still am. Tears came to my eyes when she sent me an email asking for our information and saying she was calling in the payment today. I have never known such generosity from strangers before. We are beyond grateful for the help. It is very humbling to have to reach out like that, but my goodness it gives me hope for humanity. It really is humanity at it’s best! These selfless souls have not only helped us, but they’ve helped so many others in similar situations and some in even worse situations. They do it, not because they want anything in return, but because they have huge hearts and the ability to help rather than horde. They truly think about what others are going through and how they can help. They are sending gifts to families who might be with less for the holidays as well. It’s just amazing really.

I am really hoping that we are in a better place financially next year so we can give back as well. If you have even just a little money to donate to their efforts, it would be so appreciated. Even just a dollar can help out others in need. Check out their Holiday Helpers blog and see what they are raffling off or just to donate. It really lifts the spirits of those who need it, believe me I know.

Thank you MDC mamas and dads who helped us. Thank you for all the help you give others this season and throughout the year. The world really needs to look at you as examples on how to live in truth and in peace. Our family is beyond grateful.

Thank you.


Some Random Photos

Just some random photos. Some taken by me, some by my in-law’s and some by my sister and brother-in-law during their visit.


Watching the rain (yes, X’s cat Emo is watching too):

Having yummy egg tacos with our friend A:

Making mudpies!:

Soccer anyone?:

Just made her last goal of the season:

The ramp with cousin H:

She loves the camera!:

Botanical gardens with Grandma and Papa:

For a Dear Friend…

I belong to a group of women who are some of the most amazing women who have barely ever met. We all had babies together in September 2005 and met online at the forums. We’ve seen each other through alot the last 3 years. Some of us meeting in person, many of us not, but all of us being there for each other. It is with great sadness that I send my love and heart out to one of these mamas – D. Her husband passed away, very unexpectedly. I don’t have the details, all I know is my heart is breaking for her and their little girl. They were looking forward to a new life in Florida at the start of the new year, him having retired from the military just in the last year.

D, please know that all my love and thoughts are with you and F at this time. You are both very loved. I am so very sorry for your loss…

(The picture above is D with their little girl, and her late husband with our other friend’s little girl, K.)

I Was Tagged!

My darling friend Michelle has tagged me! So here are 5 things about me that you didn’t know.

1. What I was doing 10 years ago?
Let’s see…10 years ago I was living in the forests of Humboldt County, California as a single mom. I worked in a record store – a real record store with real records and home-made bins to hold them in…hehe, and I had a music promotion business called Creep Productions. We’d book bands at local venues from all over the world really. Small band but were getting into bigger events before I finally gave up the business. It was so exciting, wonderful and stressful. And in order for it to really grow, we would have needed way more capital than a single mom could afford at the time. I was also waiting for my prince charming who arrived about a year later…;)

2. What 5 things are on my to-do list for today (not in any particular order)?
Take care of children.
Finish the price labels for the yard sale this weekend.
Feed the animals.
Water my tomatoes.
Continual cleaning up after children.

3. What snacks do I enjoy?
I like both salty and sweet, but am staying away from sweet lately. So right now, crunchy and salty are on the list. I am loving rice cakes with fake cream cheese right now actually. I use the Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese and it’s fabulous!

4. What would I do if I was a billionaire?
I would pay off my house, and then buy property in the Pacific Northwest and build a totally self sufficient home, complete with alpacas, chickens, goats and cows. I’d help out our parents with finances so they wouldn’t have to worry, as well as my siblings and sisters in law. I’d make sure to donate, as Michelle said she would, to politicians who I felt would really make a change in this country. I’d also donate to causes that help children, both in this country and overseas. I would set up trusts for my children for when they are adults and teach them about selfless money practices, but I’d also make them work the property and help them develop good work ethics as well. I’d buy a hydrogen fuel car for both Jason and myself and probably donate money toward alternative fuel research as well. I’d get out of debt…

5. Where have I lived?
I grew up all over Southern California, then lived in the Pacific Northwest (Humboldt County, California) where I attended Humboldt State University and also met Jason. We moved from there to Hawaii, living on both Oahu and The Big Island. We are currently living in Austin, Texas.

I’m returning the tag and giving it to Lelo, Nicole, Shell, Niki and Jill. Have fun kids!


So you probably noticed a bit of a change around here. I decided with the evidence of Spring’s residency, to brighten things up. We are having a clear, warm, gorgeous day! Here is evidence of all the color and newness that is popping up on our little farm. Enjoy and happy Spring!