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Tree Mamas

A Tribe is defined as: “A group of persons having a common character, occupation, or interest” “A large family” These are definitions found on the Merriam-Webster online dictionary. Seth Godin in his book “Tribes” says, “A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea….A group needs… Read More Tree Mamas

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Goblin Glow

We went to the Goblin Glow event last night with the kids at the local City Park.  Live music, face-painting and other activities for the kids, a movie in the park and hot air balloons that the kids got to trick or treat at.  They had a blast!  We didn’t stay for the movie, but… Read More Goblin Glow

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Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – August 2009

Thanks to Carol over at May Dream Gardens for starting this tradition. You really should take a peek at her blog and check out everyone’s gardens while you are there! I’m a day late I know, but I was just super busy yesterday and didn’t get out there to get pictures (the quality of today’s… Read More Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – August 2009

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Can’t Beat This!

Happy kids!! A is our friend who comes to play everyday and X is, well my little baby who is growing too fast. They were very happy this morning and I just couldn’t help but snap a shot! Speaking of A, her family owns the most awesome coffee shop here in Austin by the lake.… Read More Can’t Beat This!

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An Award!

I was given the Lemonade Award by my dear friend Nicole over at Frontier Dreams. It’s my first award and very exciting for me. Thank you so much Ni for the beautiful words and the recognition. I love ya girl! The Lemonade Award is passed to bloggers for showing great Attitude and/or Gratitude and now… Read More An Award!


Michelle’s Giveaway

My dear dear friend is having a birthday…and for her birthday she is actually giving someone else a gift through a wonderful give-away! Just go to her blog, You Just Gotta Keep Knittin’ and check out the details. Jewelry, yarn, pattern…it’s a good one people!! And while you are there, check out the rest of… Read More Michelle’s Giveaway


The Sun Egg

The Sun Egg: We’ve been wanting this book for quite awhile now. The synopsis of this story is: “A large orange egg has fallen into the wood. “It’s a sun egg!” declares the elf. Soon, she and her friends find out what it really is; but not before the sun egg is lost and the… Read More The Sun Egg


Mothering Dot Com

I belong to a couple online mom groups, one is a private forum full of dear dear friends who all had babies the same time I had Xi. The other is a much larger forum called Mothering Dot Com. This forum is made of of parents from all over the world really. All discussing their… Read More Mothering Dot Com

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Some Random Photos

Just some random photos. Some taken by me, some by my in-law’s and some by my sister and brother-in-law during their visit. Peace! Watching the rain (yes, X’s cat Emo is watching too): Having yummy egg tacos with our friend A: Making mudpies!: Soccer anyone?: Just made her last goal of the season: The ramp… Read More Some Random Photos


For a Dear Friend…

I belong to a group of women who are some of the most amazing women who have barely ever met. We all had babies together in September 2005 and met online at the forums. We’ve seen each other through alot the last 3 years. Some of us meeting in person, many of us not,… Read More For a Dear Friend…