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Silent Reel 16

The rain has finally hit. Not alot, we got 1/4 inch yesterday but as I said before, every little drop helps. Today it rained a bit harder and is still drizzling. I’m hoping for more as this lasted so far about 45 minutes. The more the better of course. I got most of the front… Read More Silent Reel 16

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One Down, Three To Go

We finished one of the boxes for the raised beds we are working on. It was so hot out, all we had energy for was one but we’ll finish a second one later this week and then the other two in another couple weeks. I had been wanting raised beds for awhile, so this feels… Read More One Down, Three To Go

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A Quick Whine

I know Texas summers are brutal….I understand that completely, and am prepared for it. What I’m not prepared for is the record highs of 107, 104, 105. Yes folks, it’s too hot to even breath outside. We hurry from the car to the house in order to avoid being in it for more than a… Read More A Quick Whine

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Blue Jays Can Be Fierce!

So the other day, when J was leaving for work, a pair of Blue Jays were expressing their extreme displeasure at our calico, Emo. Emo was lying in the yard being dive-bombed by these two very upset birds. Everytime they’d come close to her she’d meow loudly but didn’t have anything that appeared to be… Read More Blue Jays Can Be Fierce!

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The Boys Have A New Home

I just got off the phone with a wonderful lady who is really excited about buying our little goats, Roger and Carlton. They are going to get to live on a couple acres and stay together, which is what I was hoping for. They will get horses to play with, chickens to butt at and… Read More The Boys Have A New Home

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We are finally getting rain…yay! We just had a tornado warning but it stayed north of us. Lots of rain and I’m really hoping it’s significant because it seems to be so from our perspective. We need it! Hope everyone is safe and dry…Peace!

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Circle of Life

We had some crazy winds yesterday for all of 15 minutes, no tornado warnings but reminded me a bit of it except the sky was clear. So where these winds came from, I don’t know. But they did their damage sadly. We lost an upside/down tomato, and the worse one, the birdhouse was blown hard… Read More Circle of Life

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And not in a good way! My porch says 92 but I swear it feels over 100 in the sun. Tomorrow’s temps? 100!! And no rain in sight. I’ve been using liquid seaweed on everything every 2 weeks now and am hoping it will help the plants combat some of this heat. We are quickly… Read More Hot!

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This And That

Xi and her new-to-her “princess” dress: Farm Girl L looking much older than her mere 6 years: The first upside/down tomato is growing fast: Call me crazy, but I’m trying my luck with trashcan potatoes. I got organic seed potatoes and even though it’s summer, I’m going to see what I can do with this… Read More This And That

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As Promised

A few pics of the homestead greenery. Peace! A view of the front. Little veggie garden this year just behind the kitchen. It has squash, pumpkins, peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.