A Few Beautiful Blogs


I wanted to share a few blogs on my blog roll this week.  With rainy days all week, these are a few of the places I am visiting when baby is napping.  All are beautiful in their own way.  Relax and enjoy!

Attic 24 – Oh the color!  The yarn!  The patterns!  The crochet!  I absolutely adore this one so very much!  Lucy is most inspiring!

Sew Liberated – After a hiatus, Meg McElwee is back with a revamped blog that I adore!! I have both her sewing books, Sew Liberated and Growing Up Sew Liberated, and love every pattern.  Definitely one of my favorites!

A Beautiful Mess – Talk about inspiring, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman have created a gorgeous lifestyle blog that is beyond beautiful!  I want every photo to be my life!

Design Mom – Another lifestyle blog that I could stare at for hours.  Gabrielle Blair created a gorgeous blog full of gorgeous things.

Magic Onions – This is a sweet Waldorf Blog I have been perusing for years.  I love all the crafts and ideas!  Many of these have been created in our home when the girls were young.  I love all things Waldorf.

So there you have it….a few blogs I am reading this week!  Grab a cup of coffee and a snack, you may be here awhile!


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Review: Creative Kids Photo Guide Craft Books



Just received a set of books that are perfect for summer!  Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide Craft books!  Along with a couple extra bonus books.

The Creative Kids Complete Photo Guide series leads the way with step-by step instructions.  Sewing, crochet, knitting and bead crafts!  Super easy instructions with clear photos of every step.  Tons of great projects that will keep the kids entertained through the summer!


For a little more variety, dip into the sparkly side of life with Charm Love Friendship Bracelets and Rubber Band Glam. They are both sure to be a hit with kids from about first grade through middle school.  Easy enough for my 7 year old grandson, and holds the attention of my 13 year old daughter!

My kids are already diving in and excited about all the projects layed out.  I am excited to share them with you!


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Turning Back Time


So back in August I had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Young Living Convention in Dallas.  What an amazing experience!  I learned so much more about this company, which I already loved, but now love even more!  Gary and Mary Young are two of the most sincere and passionate people I have ever had the privilege of hearing speak.  Seriously, Gary’s love of these oils is HUGE!  They described building their farms, coming up with blends, searching the world over for the perfect places to grow the plants needed for these gems.  Gary cried talking about the struggles and triumphs while building the Northern Lights Farm so they could distill the most amazing oil I have ever experienced, the Northern Lights Black Spruce.  What a powerful oil.  I will definitely be blogging about the properties of that one soon.


Face Blend

Today’s post is about a blend based on Mary’s miracle serum for our faces.  Gary described how she uses these oils every single day and seeing her in person, I can tell you that she doesn’t look even close to her actual age.  This woman has the most gorgeous skin I have ever seen.  The face serum I made, thanks to the recipe from my friend Bethany, utilizes some of these oils.  I am hoping to turn back time, or at least make it stand still for awhile!   The testimonies from fellow oil enthusiasts regarding this “blend” are well worth trying, and fortunately I had all the oils to do this.   Plus I could put to use an empty Lavender 15ml bottle!  Reduce, reuse, recycle!


Royal Hawaiian Sandlewood

The first oil in this blend is Royal Hawaiian Sandlewood.   It is from the botanical family, Santalaceae – or Sandlewood,  and is steam distilled from heartwood from Hawaii.  The S. paniculatum tree is native to and found only on the island of Hawaii, where Young Living has a partner farm that practices sustainable reforestation farming management principles.  Hawaiian Sandlewood has been historically used to aide in skin issues, support reproductive health, may support the cardiovascular system, among many other things.  The body systems associated with this oil are emotional balance, muscles and bones, nervous system and skin. Aromatically it can be helpful in calming, harmonizing and balancing of emotions.  It may also enhance meditation and was used as an incense for this purpose in religious rituals.  This specific sandlewood has many similar properties to most other sandlewoods.  The ORAC value of sandlewood is 160 µTE/100g.  ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. It tells you the antioxidant capacity of a food item. This was developed by the USDA researchers. For instance: Blueberries = 2,400; Clove = 1,078,700. Wow! The number for clove is NOT a typo!  Good stuff!



The next oil is Myrrh.  It is from the botanical family Burseraceae (resinous trees and shrubs), the genus species being Commiphora myrrh.    It is steam distilled from gum, or resin, from Somalia.  Before the biblical stories of Myrrh, well over 2,000 years before these accounts actually, it was one of the most desired and most expensive items in the world.  This resin goes all the way back to Greek mythology from the goddess Myrrha who was forced into a relationship with her father, Cinyras.  He avenged this by turning her into a tree and when it sprouted  its blooms, Adonis was born.  The resinous drops that come from cuts in the tree bark were said to be Myrrha’s tears.    Myrrh is very spiritual oil and has been used in religious ceremonies and rituals for over 5000 years!   Myrrh releases fears, difficult experiences as it relates to us or the world.   It asks us to be more accepting, trusting and non-judgmental of ourselves.  The benefits of myrrh include skin care.  Since the Egyptians it has been used to maintain healthy skin and sooth chapped or cracked skin.  Contains a high content of sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds that have a direct effect on the pituitary, hypothalamus, and amygdala, the seat of our emotions. It is purifying, restorative, revitalizing, and uplifting.  A powerful antioxidant with an ORAC value of 379,800 µTE/100g!



Next we have Lavender.  That beautiful oil.  Lavender is one of the most versatile oils in nature. The fragrance is very relaxing and calming to the body and mind.  It is from the botanical family Labiatae, which is actually a mint believe it or not.  The genus species used by Young Living is Lavandula angustifolia.  It is steam distilled from the flowers.   While Lavender has been used for centuries, especially during the medieval times, it was the French scientist René Gattefossé was among the first to re-discover lavender in the early 1900’s.  Since that time is has been widely used for it’s calming properties, and is believed to support healthy skin.  The ORAC value is 360 µTE/100g.



Finally we have Frankincense.  Oh what an oil!   The botanical family is Burseraceae, resinous trees and shrubs.  The genus species is Boswellia carterii.  It is steam distilled from the gum/resin of the Frankincense tree in Somalia, Oman and Yemen.  It is considered a holy oil in the Middle East and used as an ingredient in incense for religious ceremonies.  In ancient history it was said to improve communication with the gods.  The uses and benefits of Frankincense date way back to the Egyptians and Sumerians.  This ancient essential oil has been used for spiritual connection and to support a healthy immune system.  It is also a valuable ingredient in skin care products for healthy looking skin.  Frankincense contains 8% sesquiterpenes and is 78% monoterpenes.  Monoterpenes are known to be calming.  The ORAC value is 630 µTE/100g.  Seriously Google Frankincense…..you will be amazed!


Face Serum

The recipe I used is as follows:

*An empty 15ml Lavender bottle (about a half an ounce – 1 ounce equals 29.57353 ML)

*10 drops of each oil

*Fill the rest of the bottle with 4 drops Vitamin E and the rest with Grapeseed Oil, you can alo use jojoba oil.

I have been using this serum for a few weeks now and have noticed a huge difference.  People tell me I have a glow!  At 50, to be told I didn’t look close to my age is a huge compliment.  Plus I know I am putting good things on my skin without a bunch of nasty chemicals! I count this a success!  Here’s to turning back time, or at least helping it stand still!

The Chair

I love Ana White and her designs. I love that she makes the plans easy for a novice like myself to create something functional and beautiful. I love that this project cost me a total of $8.00 for all the supplies, including fabric which was a thrift store score. I love that my Xi loves it. I love that Farm Girl wants one for herself in green. This was a fun project.

What are you creating these days? Peace!

Knock Off Wood

Okay..my friend Jill just posted on her blog about this amazing site and I just have to share.  Knock Off Wood just might possibly become some of you DIY types favorite site.  Seriously!  This gal (yes, I said gal), builds most of her own furniture, and it’s not just any furniture.  She’s found complete plans for things that cost 100’s of dollars in places like Pottery Barn and she’s posting them free of charge.  Ana is your typical stay at home mom with little money who wants to have a nice looking home.  So she found a way to make this happen by building her own things, and in the process this site was born.  “What I strive to do is enable an average woman like myself to build outstanding furniture with minimal tools, time and money. “ 

These plans are amazing and are so well laid out that even a building novice such as myself might have a shot at completing a project and actually have it turn out nice.  Haha!  I’ve already found half a dozen things I’d love to build and I just read about the site 20 minutes ago.   I might have a new hobby brewing…I know my mother in law is going to like this as she’s venturing out into the building world herself and is definitely an inspiration to me. 

Check it out and if you build something from there, let me know!  I’m off to peruse more things I want to build for our home.

Hope you all are having a grand day!