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Catching Up…Or, The Many Sites of AmLo Farms

Yes, it’s been eons and I do apologize…but I have a good excuse – life!  Yes folks, the holidays are upon us and life is taking on a whole new meaning around the farm.  So many preparations and events.  The girls are giddy with holiday surprises and plans.  We got to go to our first… Read More Catching Up…Or, The Many Sites of AmLo Farms

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The Puppet Theater, And A WIP As Well

So last night J and I were able to catch a show!  We were so excited.  We gave the ticket taker our tickets, grabbed a cold beverage from concessions and found our seats.  The puppet show had a spooky Halloween theme.  Very thrilling!  The puppeteer was wonderful and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment.     … Read More The Puppet Theater, And A WIP As Well

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Poncho, Spider and Creativity

So here is a project I finished for my little Farm Girl.  We were completely inspired by Shelley over at Waldorf Mama and her creation for her little one.   The pattern is about as easy as it gets and was really fun to knit.  Lola saw the rainbow colors on Shelley’s site and had to… Read More Poncho, Spider and Creativity

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Birthday Present Finished

Well, part of it anyway. I still have the crown to make tonight but I can use the machine for most of that. This was the heirloom piece I wanted to finish for Xi’s 4th birthday this weekend. All hand-sewn by your’s truly. It is made out of 100% wool felt and batting with cotton… Read More Birthday Present Finished


Seasons Round Exchange

I joined this group this summer and the time has just flown by. The point of the group is to make seasonal items for another family’s nature table. Everyone signs up by a certain date and then Kyrie pairs people up. We are on the Autumn season right now obviously, I’ll be signing up for… Read More Seasons Round Exchange


Hip Mountain Mama Giveaway

Check out what she has offered up at her blog Hip Mountain Mama! These are great art supplies for all those budding artists…:) Be sure to enter her giveaway before October 1st. Good luck! Peace!

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Planting Time Is Almost Here! (And A Finished Project)

So garlic and onions are in the ground! Today I will do potatoes and pick up our seeds at the feed store for more veggie goodness. We are really hoping for a better year this year in terms of rain (and everything else if we are going to be honest here). Last year we had… Read More Planting Time Is Almost Here! (And A Finished Project)

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Taking Time To Breath

Inhale….exhale…inhale…exhale…repeat as necessary. Kool-aid dyed yarn, by your’s truly: Peaceful: Lovely: Sneaky: Autumn: The littlest reindeer has been spotted!: Not for dinner: Kubra’s hubby: Peace!


Wee Folks Have Beds

Did these last night. I am loving this creative streak in me. It is really making me happy to use the things I already have and turn them into something fun for the girls. Our homemade holidays are quickly approaching so I need to work a little faster now. Haha! But I’m pretty confident I’ll… Read More Wee Folks Have Beds


Knitting Machine Music

I saw this over at Wee Folk Art and was just amazed. I knit and am knitting quite alot for the holidays this year, so this captured my attention and I just had to share it with you all. Plus the music is really beautiful. The band is called Tricot Machine, which literally means knitting… Read More Knitting Machine Music