About Us


Hi! I am Cat and am a mom, wife, grandmother and friend. I love knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, cooking, my lovely animals and friends. I live on a small homestead just outside of Austin with my husband Jason and our kids.   Our plan for our little farm is to become as self sufficient as possible. We have 3 wonderful kids who I couldn’t be more proud of. My son has two amazing boys and all 3 of them live with us so I get so spend alot of time with them which does my heart good. Our girls are 14 and 11 and keep us on our toes! They are the lights of our lives.  Both are extremely talented and true blessings.

Our goal has always been to create a sustainable piece of property where we can live and work, raise our children and animals, have a home base where we can do our service work.  In addition to my favorite things, as a family we also love music, art, movies, books, nature, babies, animals, surfing, skating and general family life.

We have a passion for natural living and helping others.  Essential Oils are a huge part of our lives.  We use them daily for just about everything.  We are working at getting our gardens growing again as well.  Life was a bit hectic the last few years, but we are back on track!

We love hearing from others about their ideas on natural living, so please leave comments!  We look forward to this new space growing and sharing our lives and thoughts and ideas.  Peace and Light to you all!