So many of you know my obsession with oils. You know how much I love sharing about them and the journey I am on because of them. That journey walks hand in hand with another major journey full of personal growth, God and gratitude. That particular journey is another story for another day, however today I want to talk about the one that the oils is taking me on.

In our organization we have those who have come before us. We call them upline, but I also call them friends. One of my idols in this business is one of my top upline leaders, Monique McLean. This woman is a spitfire of Southern energy! She has got one of the biggest hearts I have ever seen and is amazing both on social media and in person. She is super successful in her business and yet is so humble and genuine. She lives for her family and her faith. And is so generous to all of us.  I took my teenage daughter with me on a road trip to Florida last March because I had the opportunity to participate in an event Monique was putting on.  I don’t fan girl often, but this little woman makes me so shy when I am around her. I just admire her so much.

Anyway, you can see the gushing starting. 😂😂. She has a FB group for her organization and right now we are talking about warrior spirits and freedom. Everyday she is posting empowering challenges and words of encouragement. Not just happy memes or quotes, but solid pieces of practical advice on growing personally. The only way to find freedom both financially and personally is through growth. Sometimes that’s painful and scary, but it works!! This is where my two paths meet up. The personal growth journey. It’s so amazing. And it puts me in a place where I know I am exactly where I belong at that moment.

So Monique is firing up that warrior spirit in me so if you see more boldness from me, you know where it’s coming from. It’s an amazing trip and so when I get all fired up about my business this is one of the reasons why. I found something so fulfilling and full of promise, and I am surrounded by people who believe in me. This all carries over and walks hand in hand with the rest of my life. I would be untrue to myself and my friends if I didn’t share this all with you and want you to come along for the ride! This is such an amazing journey!!! GAME ON!