Who here doesn’t love a good yogurt?  We are a huge fan in this house and have always used Stonyfield for everything from eating it alone, to smoothies, to substituting it for milk in recipes, even as a sour cream substitute!  This month I tried the Organic Greek Yogurt for the first time and have to say we are all hooked!  Such a great thick and smooth texture, fresh flavors and of course the Stonyfield quality!  My 18 month old grandson loves it with almost every meal!  I use it in the kids morning smoothies and even used the Blueberry flavored yogurt in waffle mix!!  Yum!


One of the best things Stonyfield did with this yogurt is keep the flavor separate from the actual yogurt.  This works well in my family because my oldest daughter loves full flavor, while my youngest likes it lighter.  Satisfies both of them!

If you haven’t tried the Greek Yogurt yet, don’t walk, run and get it.  I promise you will never go back to regular!

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