Okay….let’s get real. You see me talk about oils, the health benefits are astounding, really.  My local friends come to me with questions and we all know how obsessed I am with my hippie voodoo conconctions…so why not just dive right in? You know you want to. You won’t be alone….I will give you tons of support and help with your new wonder bottles, I have a ton of testimonials on exactly what these beautiful bottles of elixirs can do for you, and I would love to help you find a happier, less stressed and healthier you!!! and to get you started, I am offering $20 credit for everyone who decides they want a healthier year this year! What are you waiting for? Self care before health care! 🙂  Check out your selections here and leave comments or questions!  UPDATE:  Oils are still amazing, offer is over but look for the next one!!!