I want to believe.

By now you have heard that The X Files has rebooted for a 6 episode mini series, bringing back Mulder and Scully along with a new batch of paranormal supporting characters to glue us to our TV’s.  Back in 1993 when Chris Carter introduced us to our favorite FBI special agents, The X Files was something completely different than anything we had seen in a series.  We all had heard of Roswell, UFO’s, and secret military bases.  We read about abductions, sightings, some of us even listened to Art Bell!  Yes, I was one of them, athough I can say I was never experimented on…LOL  But like many, it was a fun and fascinating topic of “what if”.  So along comes this show that fed us all of this and it took off and became an entity all it’s own.  My son and I watched every Friday night religiously.   And when Mark Snow, the music composer for the series, showed up at the local comic store, we showed up too with soundtrack in hand for him to sign.  Yes, you could say we were big fans.

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So when Mr. Carter announced a continuation arc, I was thrilled.  Mulder, Scully and Skinner were coming back!  What strange things had happened to them since we last saw them in 2008 “The X Files; I Want To Believe“?  Excited to find out, I watched the new episode (Hulu) and I have to say I appreciate the fact that they allowed these characters to change and age.  The movies answered several questions about their personal lives and if you watched the series you know these 3 had been through the ringer.  So now we have older and more jaded characters, which is to be expected.  There is a lot of fear in their actions, which punctuated their new lives well.  It was as if they still want to believe but after everything they have been through in the past, they also are also terrified of believing again.  Long gone is the wide eyed Mulder chasing after that dream of aliens, now he is almost hermit like and bitter.  Scully seems bored and unsettled in her career as a surgeon.  Only Skinner seems ready to find the truth.  5 more episodes for us to experience.  Is it really out there?  I want to believe…..

(all photo credits Twentieth Century Fox Television,  also some interesting trivia for other geeky types on why the original “I want to believe” poster changed during the run of the show)