Mouth Watering

Three of the tomato plants are already producing!  Noticed several teeny toms yesterday while out in the front beds.  I can hardly wait.  I never liked tomatoes until I started growing my own.  Now I crave them when the season is over.  Funny how homegrown, organic goodness can turn the taste buds around….

I also am almost finished with the bamboo trellis’ for the pole beans and cukes.  They are growing rapidly.  I got all the structure done and about half the twine up, am about to head out and work on it some more. 

My ornamentals are filling in beautifully!  First year they sleep, second year they creep, third year they leap!  This saying is proving true for my perennials out front.  The plants that are on their third year are really taking off nicely!  It seems that there are huge amounts of growth everyday right now.  I am loving just hanging out in the garden.

The back flower bed definitely needs work.  Those rascally chooks of our’s ate the new seedlings, so it’s just the established plants right now.  I am seriously considering a small iron or picket fence.  Whichever I can find that will fit the budget.  I don’t like fencing off beds like that, but if it means that the plants have a chance and I don’t have to leave the chickens cooped, then it may be worth it.  Suggestions are always appreciated!

How does your garden grow?  Hope it’s all green and fun!  Peace!

4 thoughts on “Mouth Watering

  1. My mouth is watering at the thought of homegrown tomatoes. Reading your blog this time of year is always so shocking: I won't even be planting tomatoes here until late May, let alone harvesting anything until July.

    P.S. love the photo of the garden with truck!

  2. Oh my goodness! I live in a great growing climate, but this is impressive! I don't have a good budget answer to the chickens. We have the same problem. We have a funky split level yard in an urban setting, so little space and right now, we are working on re-doing our yard, moving things around, etc. to try and make room for chickens, kids, garden, and more. So far, one option is having the edibles in the front and the chickens in the back.

    By the way, I have been having trouble commenting, but was catching up on your blog. The photo of your girls cycling is so darn cute. We are nearing this, too. And I Love love love your wish lists. Great idea! Wish I had some items to fulfill for you!

  3. I read your post and thought, "gosh! she has tomatoes already! lucky!" then I went outside to look at my plants and gosh, I have tomatoes, too! Five little green Juliets. I was looking at your wish list and I have an extra, sealed copy of "Garden Guide for Austin and Vicinity" I would love to send you, if you still need one.

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