It’s raining!  Can you tell I am excited?  We have been looking forward to the rain for a couple weeks now.  The temps are staying in the 80’s and I have windows and doors open to let the sound and smell of the fresh rain in.  Crockpot is bubbling with chicken soup and homemade biscuits are cooling on the rack.  It’s one of those days and I am so happy. 


Another thing making me happy this day is my Daturas!  They are blooming all over and smell like paradise everytime I walk past.  I just love them so much!  Definitely going to be planting more around the yard.  They just glow at night with their snow white blossoms reaching for the sky.  I have another bloom that will most likely go up there with the favorites and will be planted throughout the gardens as well, Texas Star Hibiscus.  Oh what a joy it was to see the blossom bud forming, and this morning was the surprise of a bright red Star Hibiscus blooming here only a few feet from the white Daturas.  With the temps lower, I’m so excited to get back out and start planting more again.  I am a week behind on my winter veggie beds, but that’s okay.  They will get done this Sunday. 

Another thing I am excited about is the new skill I’m trying to learn – the art of spinning wool.  I found a drop spindle at a yarn store near my mom’s place this weekend and so picked it up along with 8 oz. of locally produced roving.  The shop owner gave me a mini lesson on how to use the spindle and then pointed me to a couple websites.  I am so thrilled by this new adventure!  I know it’s going to take alot of practice, but that is just fine with me.  One day I dream of having a full on spinning wheel, but that will be awhile down the road.  For now, I will be satisfied with my drop spindle.  Lola is excited to try it out too.  Her knitting skills are moving forward with leaps and bounds.  She is really good at her knit and purl, and is almost ready for more complicated knitting.  She is finishing up a scarf for herself and has another skein of wool that she wants to knit up for me…I am so proud of her!

 And finally, I will leave you with our view at dinner last night….

Hope your day is full of good food, wonderful weather and happy hobbies!  Peace!