We are a one car family at the moment.  Jason’s 1965 Chevy Truck is still out of commission and we have been trying to save every nickel, dime and penny to get it fixed.  We also knew that we’d need work on the van in the next few months, so the “Car Fund” was born.  Not easy for us to save much as we don’t make alot to begin with, but we can become super frugal when the time calls for it, so that’s what we’ve been doing.  Well, yesterday the van decided it was tired and done…yep, with 4 kids in the car going uphill, the transmission decided to commit suicide and all of a sudden I wasn’t moving anywhere except to coast to the shoulder.  I remained calm, called J and then a friend who was close by.  She came to rescue us while I waited for AAA to send a tow-truck.  Two hours later, the car was hooked up to the tow truck and hauled off to the mechanic by our house (who is a great guy btw – Guaranteed Automotive is the name of his business if you live out here by the lake and want a fair mechanic).  J and I started scrambling.  We didn’t have enough saved up yet for the massive cost of rebuilding our transmission and unfortunately we do not have the normal avenues available to us in being able to borrow from family or credit cards.  But we do have the most amazing friends.  And once again they all showed their true colors.  Knowing our predicament, all of them banded together and without being asked (none of it was even a thought in our heads beyond asking for rides for J to get to work) got us a loaner car (one of two extremely generous offers) and the balance of what we need (again, no hesitation just blew my mind with the offers we got) to have the van back on the road in a few days.  I was in tears most of yesterday because they all just have been so amazingly generous.  The unconditional love we feel from the people we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with is just overwhelming.

So this post is for my friends.  You all are truly appreciated by our family.  Community is a truth amongst all of you and you have all proved it time and time again.  We are so grateful to be amongst this group and would not hesitate to return the love in anyway we possibly can.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  It is so good to know that we are “home”.  Love you all….