We spent the first half of the day out in the yard and mowed, raked, edged and weeded both front and back.  I still have my flower bed to do right behind the back fence, but the front is looking good again.  After all that hard work and a good lunch we went down to the lake for a swim.  Were in the water a couple hours and now have homemade chicken pot pie in the oven.  We will all be sleeping well tonight for sure!

Yesterday was a big soccer day for Lola.  She was in her first tournament and played 4 games in the heat.  Her team was the youngest in the division and while they didn’t win they sure did great!  They held their own against girls a couple years older and learned alot.  We had a cooler of ice, drinks, fruit and water so stayed hydrated and in the shade with umbrellas.  It was a really fun day! 

After all this activity, we are all super tired…hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  Peace!