Yes, two posts in one day!  I just had to share with you my creative streak however.  The girls have been at Grandma and Papa’s since Monday, and yesterday I didn’t have to work.  So what does a mom do when home alone all day (other than laundry, bathrooms and vacuuming of course!)?  I created for both home and girls.  And I made a big lovely mess in the process that still hasn’t been cleaned up because once inspiration strikes, I need to go with it man!  I only have one little charge today and he’s easy peasy, so more sewing it will be…I hope.  The girls will be home this afternoon, then leaving again on Monday for next week.  Lola is taking swim lessons up at her Grandparents’ house, and Xi is finally old enough to feel confident joining in on the trip away from mom and dad.  They are both having a blast, and it sounds like so are Grandma and Papa!  It will be double Grandma whammy this weekend when my mom comes up to visit tomorrow and spend the night.  The girls are beside themselves with glee that they get to have so many slumber parties with two of their favorite ladies.

I will have an update on what went on all week and all they’ve learned.  So far I found out that both girls learned to float on their backs (Lola is in official lessons while Xi is responding to Grandma’s gentle guidance in the pool quite wonderfully.  Not too surprising as she’s inherited her dad’s absolute love for water.)

Hope your weekend is just fabulous!  Peace!

My very inexpensive, and somewhat frustrating machine.  I ended up having to take part of it apart and figuring out why it wouldn’t sew properly.  Internet research!  Love it!  Now it’s sewing beautifully once again.
Summer skirts from the Lazy Days Skirt pattern.  So easy!
New library bags.  Xi’s on the right and Lola’s on the left.
Aw!  Pillow covers!
Scrap heaven.  These will turn into a myriad of gifts and things for the house.
Still a mess, but I’m having too much fun with it (now that the machine actually functions as it should.)