So this is a late post on our May Day celebration.  The girls and I went out to the Austin Waldorf School for their celebration and had so much fun!  We did miss the May Pole, but the girls got to spend the afternoon doing all sorts of crafts and running around the school with other kids, so it made up for what we’d missed.  We truly love this school and really hope that one day both girls can attend.  Right now we are trying to get Xi in for Kindergarten. (She fits the mold for this school 100% and would just thrive here).  The Fall is filled, but she still has another year or so before Grade 1 so still has time to find herself in one of the Kindy rooms.  If all works out, and we can afford it, we’d love to get Lola in started in Grade 3.  She absolutely adores the school and that is the next grade that they start accepting applications for (after Kindergarten).  We’ll see what happens.  It is truly an amazing environment where we feel the girls could get a top notch education and still keep the philosophies that we feel so strongly about.  Regardless we will still keep the principals of it all going at home, while crossing our fingers that the gods smile down on us in regards to the girls’ opportunities there.

At the end of our afternoon, which included a cake walk where the girls danced and tried to win homemade goodies for almost an hour (they did not win a cake, but had smiles on their faces as they played along which in our books is a win anyway), we went into the bookstore where there was a huge sale going on.  Both the girls got new journals, Xi got a new cooperative board game and Lola got some new cookie cutters that spell out L-O-V-E.  We came home with big smiles on our faces and vows in our hearts to continue to branch out within the Waldorf community here in Austin.  We really felt like we were “home” while together there.  

Here are some photos of the day and the projects they did:

Lola sewing a pillow for Emo (one of our cats)
Xi and her pillow.  She filled it and sewed the top herself.  Her’s smells like roses.
Xi’s God’s Eye, which is now hanging in their room along with Lola’s.  Xi was really proud of this one.
Projects galore!  They had so much fun making these.
Having an apple snack and being goofy.
Extremely proud of herself for taking her sister around the craft booths and working with her on their own while mama watched from the picnic table.  Lola had a really great day.
Hope your week has been full of love and joy.   Peace!