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One Small Change – February Report and March Challenge

This went a bit slower this month, but I am happy to say that we used our reusable grocery bags more than not at the new organic food market that just opened up out here.  Yay!  I’m getting better at it…haha.  We did get most of our lightbulbs changed over though to energy efficient ones so that was a good thing.  The meal planning is a slow starter and while we did cut down the amount of time we spent at the grocery store, it is still not what I’d consider “there” yet.  So I’m going to cheat a little bit and extend that over to the March challenge.  I am also going to add to it by challenging myself to make as much of our “extras” in the pantry and fridge as possible.  Right now I am processing whey from yogurt to make homemade mayo with.  I found the information for it at the blog, Cheeseslave here.  The mayo recipe is here.  I found the information on it over at Sono-MA.  Great food ideas there!

The other thing we are doing is getting rid of the last of the plastic stuff…mainly little toys to be honest.  The girls are going to donate them and we are going to work on only bringing in quality made, hand made and/or natural materials for toys from now on.  We’ve said this before and did really well, but then a slight slip leads to an avalanche, so we need to backtrack a bit and get on our path again.  My thoughts are I’d love to see the girls with all natural toys that they can pass down to their children someday.  It’s been great taking all the wooden baby toys and organic baby toys and pass them down to my darling grandson…makes me feel good to know he has some quality toys to play with that have been loved before and can be loved by another later on in their little family.

So that’s the challenge and report…go check out One Small Change over at Hip Mama Mountain for more inspirational ideas!


3 thoughts on “One Small Change – February Report and March Challenge

  1. What? It's March already and I haven't come up with my own One Small Change? Uh oh….

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I am thrilled with the winter weather we've been getting in the North. I seem to remember winters like this when I was young, but we haven't had one like this in many years. Yea!!

  2. Sounds great! How exciting that you have a new organic market!!
    I totally agree about having natural toys for the kids. The only toys my mom hung onto to pass down to us were the wooden toys, and we will do the same. We get a ton of hand me downs and gifts from in laws so we do have a few plastics here and there, but they get donated eventually and we always keep the nice natural toys! So much nicer to look at and play with!

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