Just a few things we’ve been doing and how our life is going over here at the farm.

Xi’s first Waldorf doll – Baby Xiola – made my moi!  I was so nervous about making this and it turned out to be so much fun!

Me and Xi at Grandma’s on Christmas Night.

J’s birthday cake and gifts the girls and I made for him.

Me modeling the homemade apron I did for J’s mom’s birthday.  It’s made from a vintage pillow case.

The gift bag I made for my dear friend Romy’s birthday present.

The girls and their friend Zack at the Trail of Lights right before Christmas.

Farmgirl on Chirstmas morning opening her gifts.

My Mother of Millions bloomed indoors.  The blossoms are so delicate looking.  Really pretty.
The garden looks like a graveyard at the moment.  Nothing really growing except the violets and a couple salvias.  Everything else is covered in leaf mulch and hopefully staying warm enough to come back with a vengence in Spring.  I do have poppy sprouts and larkspur that are doing great.  And the Brugmansia’s Tom sent me are doing great inside in pots.  We have had some pretty hard freezes, so things are indoors right now even though this week is a balmy 70 degrees…wierd weather.  I suspect we will be getting more freezes soon, so am not jumping on the “Spring is coming” kick..haha!  I do need to get my tomatoes started indoors this weekend…
Hope your week is good!  Peace!