To all those out there who are so gracious about reading my blog, I apologize for the sketchy updates this month.  It’s been busy around here but all is well!  I have been finding my knitting zone once again, as well as enjoying our cooler weather!  The garden is still going strong, although I’m pretty sure the window for tomatoes is over so the plants will be pulled this weekend..*sob*  However it only means there will be room for more cooler weather veggies, including winter squash…Yum! 

The girls are thriving.  Growing and changing everyday.  Lola is thrilled with school, new friends and experiences.  Xi is loving being a big 4 year old and reveling in some new found independence within our household.  J is well and so am I.  We are looking forward to the holidays and magic that this time of year ushers in. 

I will have garden picture updates as well and crafting experiences up in the next few days and promise to squeeze in some time in between our new/old routines to at least just say hello. 

Much love and Peace to everyone!