We went to the Goblin Glow event last night with the kids at the local City Park.  Live music, face-painting and other activities for the kids, a movie in the park and hot air balloons that the kids got to trick or treat at.  They had a blast!  We didn’t stay for the movie, but the kids didn’t mind as they got to see friends and run around after a sugar rush…haha!  They wore their costumes and we all had a great time in the night with the glow of the balloons and good friends around. 

Today is getting ready for the week day, but I find myself wanting to be outside in the garden instead.  The weather is absolutely fantastic!  The garden is loving the sunshine after all the rain and looks better than ever.  Soon it will be time to start cutting back all the perennials and getting ready for the winter.  But right now I may forget about the mop for a bit and go play in the dirt. 

Hope your weekend is gobliny good and full of sunshine and laughter!

Ice Princess and Little Red Riding Hood
 The balloons are so colorful!
Trick or treating at one of the balloons
Every few minutes the balloon operators would stoke the fires
And the balloons would glow
So pretty in the night.
Friends and candy (limited quantities of course)…a possibly dangerous combination.  hah!
Luckily the girls ran off their sugar rush so going to bed wasn’t too difficult when we got home.