The rain has finally hit. Not alot, we got 1/4 inch yesterday but as I said before, every little drop helps. Today it rained a bit harder and is still drizzling. I’m hoping for more as this lasted so far about 45 minutes. The more the better of course.

I got most of the front mowed this morning before the rain hit. The rest will have to wait until J gets home, but I did most of it. And I did it not with any powered lawn mower, but an older Agri-Fab Silent Reel 16 push mower. Agri-Fab quit making these awhile ago and Sears had picked them up but I don’t think they manufacture them anymore either. It is a heavier push mower, but does a great job and isn’t difficult to use. The hardest part is manipulating it into smaller areas as it is so heavy, but even that’s not bad. It really does cut the grass beautifully, plus there is the bonus of not adding anymore pollution as with a gas mower and it’s a good workout.

I just need to trim up the edges, but J is picking up some large clippers for that job for me tonight on his way home, so guess what I’ll be doing this evening? The garden will look so much better once the edges are spruced up. Eventually we are going to line all the beds in rock, but that won’t happen until it cools down in the Fall as hauling rock from the back of the property to the front is a big job. With the temperatures we’ve been experiencing lately, I think we’ll have better luck later in the year. So for now I’ll just trim everything up and leave it at that.

Hope everyone finds themselves living life exactly the way they want to today. Peace!

ETA: Just checked the rain gauge and it’s over an inch right now…woohoo!