It’s been awhile but we’ve been busy too…so I apologize for the delay in posting! All is going forward here. We had the most amazing, most magical Christmas ever I think. The girls received so many wonderful gifts from perfect strangers! A dear friend here put together a Holiday Helper for us and believe me, the girls were set up! New clothes, much needed coats and winter clothes…socks…shoes…toys…books…art supplies, you name it! Mothering dot com also did a number on us and we received gift cards, books for the girls, clothes and more toys. Nothing was over the top and everything is being loved, worn and played with. People even paid our electric bill and insurance! It is a true testament to the power of the human spirit and all that can be done when working together as a community. It is humbling being in the financial situation we are in. My only wish is we do better this year so we can give back because we received so much this year and are extremely grateful for it all. I can’t think everyone enough for what they’ve done. The biggest gift I received however was seeing J’s transformation. He had all but lost his faith in humanity, especially after getting laid off and not finding another position still… and when he saw this, what perfect strangers wanted to do for his girls, it changed him. So the gift I received was getting my husband back and nothing can top that! Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart. Much love and peace to everyone for a happy 2009.

And Santa has arrived, the before shots:


and after:

new holiday dresses from a mystery gifter:

and 3 of the most beautiful sacks of rocks from J for each of us:

There is a story behind the rocks. J went hunting the 3 days before Christmas (I am mastering the art of deer sausage…that’s another post though), and while he was out in the woods alone, he started seeing some of the most beautiful agates. Large and intense colors. He was inspired and got each of us gals a rock for our hearts, our minds, a tool, a helper and our souls. They are the most beautiful sack of rocks anyone could ever have and a testament to receiving my man back.

Peace in the New Year!